Panel Discussion : Security from Cyber Attack – Action at Appropriate Time


2nd BFSI Leadership Summit 2016: Panel Discussion: Security from Cyber Attack – Action at Appropriate Time

S S Bhat

S S Bhat, Chief General Manager, Canara Bank
“We have seen so many things happening in the industry like e-frauds through cards and many other things. To safeguard from all these angles for customer at the focal point we are taking all systems to take care of the system.”

KRC Murty

KRC Murty, VP – Chief Technology Office, Deutsche Bank
“We are a global bank with presence in over 70 countries . We try to implement same kind of security processes across the globe. Everyone of our client has different requirement. They wouldn’t downgrade on their security but they would want us to tweak wherever it is possible.”

Kanchan Kulkarni

Kanchan Kulkarni, Regional Head, ICICI Bank Limited, Maharashtra
“When we add huge number of transactions in future in the existing one, a big question would be whether banks, their service partners, and technology per se can assure that level of comfort and confidence of security of their transactions in the same way what we have been doing right now.”

Rajesh Nikam

Rajesh Nikam, Senior Manager, Threat Research & Response, Quick Heal Technologies Limited
“We see different kinds of (cyber) attacks; threat actors. One is done for cyber espionage. Second type is organised criminal gangs; selling private information in markets and third are nations like US, Russia, China who are at times against big government oraganisations or corporates.”

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