Age proof not mandatory for Aadhaar enrolment: UIDAI official


If you are looking forward to enrol for Aadhaar, don’t worry about your age proof documents.

According to a senior Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) official it is not mandatory to provide age proof for Aadhaar enrolment but a valid document is required to correct the date of birth registered for the unique identity.

“It is not mandatory to provide document for age proof for getting Aadhaar. Many people in the country may not know their date of birth exactly or have birth certificates. In such cases, the person is requested to specify his age and the same is accepted by UIDAI,” the official told.

The official further added that date of birth in such cases is taken as 1 January of that year calculated as per information shared by the applicant.

He explained that the role of Aadhaar is to authenticate existence of person with the help of his biometric data.

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