Confidence Regained in Cooperatives :: April – June 2015


 One for All, All for One
 Cooperatives Cover Story
 Back in the Reckoning
 Special Interview
 Technology Changing Lot of Farmers
 Dedicated to the Cause of Farmers
 Cooperatives Herald White Revolution
 Quality Makes Dairy Products ‘Madhur’
 Cooperatives special feature
 Confidence Regained
 Financial Powerhouse for Common Man
 Cooperative Sector Shines Bright
 Coop Banks Key Link in Financial Inclusion
 Coop Banks Serve Grassroots Better
 Small is Beautiful for Gujarat Coop Banks
 MUDRA to Serve the Bottom of ‘Pyramid’
 Farmers Find a Friend in APMCs
 Greasing Wheels of Cooperatives
 Event Report
 Technology Ladder to Take BFSI Higher

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