The decision comes in wake of the demands of investments among the middle-class families who are keen to channelise their income to get beneficial results. As people are eager to secure their assets, the need to provide them with apt information is the need of the hour. This trend has driven the necessity to ensure training the employees with regards to the financial services and insurance products.

“NIIT has already established as a strong player in providing training for employees in the banking sector. In the last five years, the company had trained nearly 50,000 in areas such as sales and customer relationship for banking sector. This model will be replicated for financial services and insurance sectors,” he said.

NIIT is already providing training services to key banking players like ICICI Bank. 65 per cent of its revenue is contributed from the corporate clients by ensuring training programmes to their employees, namely Shell,, SAP, GSK and Rolls Royce. The balance is from retail business and school segments, he said.

“The balance is from retail business and school segments,” he said.