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Speakers at BFSI Security Summit

Shivkumar Pandey
CISO, Bombay Stock Exchange
Vallabh Kolhatkar
CISO, Bank of Maharashtra
Shalini Warrier
Chief Operating Officer, Federal Bank
KRC Murty
VP – Chief Technology Office, Deutsche Bank
*Ganesh Kumar
Chief General Manager – IT, Reserve Bank Of India
*Bharat Panchal
Head Risk Management & CISO, NPCI
*Mukesh Malik
COO, Aditya Birla Financial Services
Lalit Popli
Head IT, ICICI Prudential Asset Management
*Vivek Ratna
Country manager, Cloudera
*V C Kumaman
Chief Information Security Officer, IDFC Bank
*Jagan Bihari Satpati
Chief Information Security Officer, Bank of India
*Dr. S.K. Mishra
CISO, Central Bank of India
*Manoj Vasant Gadkari
Chief Information Officer, GP Parsik Bank
*Raghavendra Joshi
CIO, Reliance Jio Payment Bank




Prevention | Protection | Safety

About Conference

The BFSI industry in India has been burgeoning in various ways, ever since technology and its usage started to replace the physical procedures involved in the entry and maintaining of the enormous data and large volume transactions. As a matter of fact, the sector can be categorically identified as one of the largest contributors towards the growth of the economy, at the same time it has linked all essential individual information in a single string for the entire populace of the country.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking minute interest in taking Banking to the last mile, the BFSI sector too has been a major source of Information generation, thus contributing to the sea of data. Adding on to this, newer technologies as, associating an individual’s Adhaar information to his Banking details has enabled in multiplying the scope of growth of information.

Needless to mention all these data and information are confidential and are of immense intellectual value to the nation.

With the advent of technology in the BFSI sector, it not only made easy the handling and processing of these data in the nest possible manner, but it also ensures several methods and techniques to ensure the safety of these information. However, there are several instances in the banking domain across the world, where such delicate data has been mal-utilized and are threatened by the same technology, of their safety.

Not only it’s about the Information Security or InfoSec of this vital information generated across the country in the banking domain, the physical security involved in protection of financial institutions has been equally important to ensure safety and security. By breaching traditional security systems to threaten the safety of banks, the offenders have challenged the security manual involved in the Indian BFSI sector.

With the idea of discussing the threats and challenges related to the BFSI sector- both digitally and physically, the modern technologies involved in securing networks and ensuring physical and digital safety to financial institutions and data, thus leaving behind the scope for further developments in this sector—Elets BFSI Security Summit 2016 look forward to gather eminent stakeholders from the industry together with bankers who are working day in and out to ensure safety to the robust network.

Our Past Security & Technology Experts


The expert speaker
panel will cover
the following

 Strategy on Protection and cyber Security for Banks and Financial Institutions in India
 Inteldivgent video surveillance and incident response solutions to prevent/detect Cyber crime against: ATMs & Cash transaction
 Critical Infrastructure – How to safeguarding IT Infrastructure for future threats
 Biometric Innovation – Innovative Technology for Security in BFSI Industry
 Blending Management, Manpower and Latest Technology & Tools to Prevent and Detect Cyber Crime against Cash Security
 Cyber security Podivcy – A perfect blends Strategy, Technology and Inteldivgence to confront security threats
 Secure Safes and Vaults E-Surveillance Solution for Cash-in Transit Vans
 Inteldivgent building management for banking and financial services organizations
 Cloud computing security & Data protection

Updates from BFSI Industry

Who will Attend

 Chief Security Officers
 Chief Operating Officers
 Chief Technical Officer
 Chief Information Officer
 Chief Digital Officer
 Chief Information Security Officer
 Director of Security & Risk Services
 Vice President Safety and Security
 Head ATM and Cash Management
 Physical and IT Security Solution Providers

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