Cloud and Data Center are the new backbone of BFSI sector: Gopal Joshi, Athenta Technologies

Today, India is the second-largest and fastest-growing cloud services market in the Asia Pacific. With a robust growth rate and rapidly rising Internet penetration, India is certainly expanding phenomenally in the core sector, says Gopal Joshi, Director Sales at Athenta Technologies Pvt. Ltd, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

  • ‘Continued Innovation’, what does this signify? Tell us about this philosophy.

When we talk about innovation, organizations in every industry must adapt their business strategies to live in a constantly-evolving, digitally-focused business landscape. Hence, we at Athenta constantly focus to provide more efforts to improve products, processes and services by increasing their quality and deliver more customer value than our competitors.

Athenta Technologies believes that with time, a company should incorporate incremental and major revolutionary improvements in their processes, product designs, services and technologies.

  • What products and services do you offer to the BFSI sector? 

Cloud and Data Center has become the backbone of the BFSI sector during the digitization movement in India. Driving with the vision to cater to the needs of the BFSI sector Athenta has introduced its Datacenter solution, the DCEYE provides IT Service Management (ITSM) that manages the IT tools and applications, inventory, service lifecycle, and monitoring performance, of all assets in the DC; Datacenter Facility Management (DCFM), managing the Interdependent electrical network along with HVAC, UPS’s, DGSET’s, Rack’s, iPDU’s, etc. effortlessly.

  • Data Center and its usage are encircled by both positive and negative reviews. What are your views on this?

Over the last few years, the Data centre market in India has witnessed tremendous growth. Data Center Market size is projected to reach $ 1.5 billion by 2022 from, growing at a CAGR of 11.4 percent during the forecast period.

Today, India is the second-largest and fastest-growing cloud services market in the Asia Pacific. With a robust growth rate and rapidly rising Internet penetration, India is certainly expanding phenomenally in the core sector. The Government of India has also emphasized the importance of creating a cloud warehouse that will safely store an enormous amount of data. The Indian Datacenter market will be expanding with the maximum interest focused upon the large metropolitan areas of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. With the current investment in the Datacenter infrastructure business by numerous companies, this would further enhance India’s market share in the Global and APAC markets, making India an attractive destination for the Datacenter business in the region.

Overall, the primary driving factors of the Datacenter segment in India include:

  • The availability of abundant real estate and competitive policies
  • Information and communications technology-aware population
  • The continuing growth of India’s Internet penetration and mobile market
  • The disruption of the technology landscape by API-based analytics and AI to optimize, automate processes and enhance the customer experience
  • Investments by the Government of India in large scale digitization, under the Digital India Scheme
  • Rising social media consumption and IT penetration in the country with the introduction of 4G/LTE technology
  • Is India ready for technologies like data centre and cloud computing? 

Certainly yes, as Cloud service adoption is driving much of the data centre market and it’s crucial for enterprises for hosting critical applications whether private or public. Cloud computing is the most disruptive force in the digital age impacting the IT strategy, expenditure and adopting a cloud-first strategy which has now become crucial for every business. The data centre market is witnessing an upsurge because of these factors and the number continues to rise at a significant pace because of the accelerating demands of big cloud operators.

India has robust domestic data consumption and a variety of other enormously positive indicators that will help it advance towards a data-driven economy. The Government of India has also been putting emphasis on the importance of creating a cloud warehouse that will safely store enormous amounts of digital data and has urged the industry to make this happen.

The digital revolution in India is well embraced by enterprises and is further fuelled by the boom in the IoT and AI sector. A move towards a connected and inclusive digital economy means more data being generated which needs to be stored, managed, disseminated and made available to users ubiquitously on the device of their choice through public and private clouds and thus making data center’s the bedrock of digital transformation.

  • What are your plans for 2020?

At Athenta, our vision is to meet the changing demands, thus enabling collection, analysis, and reporting of data in an actionable format with life-cycle information on assets and resources. The company is responsible for monitoring & controlling various infrastructure elements seamlessly through a single unified framework including; servers, CCTV Surveillance, Storage, Databases, Energy, Fire, fixed/wireless network and others via a single browser screen.

Athenta has been a major player in the enterprise industry over the years. The company expects to grow its position in the Infrastructure Management market in the wake of strong demand due to various Government initiatives such as “Make in India” and “Smart City”. When we talk about smart cities, we aim to strengthen our footprints in the market by providing customizable tools and solutions that can be a real game-changer with respect to the efficient ecosystem for citizen services and attractiveness of the city for new investments.


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