Cloud Gap deviating customer’s demand, leading to ‘Perfect Strom’: Saju Paulose of Cisco


“Cloud Gap” in terms of application is leading to the rise of ‘Perfect Strom’ and hindering the popularity of cloud computing, according to Saju Paulose, Product Sales Specialist – Datacenter, Cisco Systems India.

Cloud computing has its own advantage. According to a research, optimised public cloud strategy will enable 11 per cent growth in the revenue strategy, 87 per cent reduction in provisioning Information Technology (IT) services and 77 per cent reduction in IT cost.

However, many customers do not see the significance of clouds. Only 3 per cent of the customers actually acknowledge it and accept it, said Paulose, while addressing a session at NBFC100 Tech Summit organised in Mumbai.

This is leading to Cloud Gap. It means there is a huge gap between what the cloud applications require and what organisations can reliably and confidently support today.

“This gap is creating Perfect Strom and enterprises and customers are actually moving in three different directions. One diversion is around the application, other is around Management and operations and last one is around workload locations,” he added.

Cisco has a perfect solution to this discrepancy. When it comes to learning, Cisco has technology to learn and analyse every packet and every application coming in real time.

“Traditional Data Centre could only look at the sampled floor. It was always sampled to get a view of what is happening at the network.Today, Cisco has a capability of exploring real-time matrix into a machine learning algorithm where we can go ahead do application dependency mapping and can tell actually tell you what’s wrong,” added Paulose.

If you look at today’s market, especially the startup market, people are going multi-cloud. According to a survey, nearly 81 per cent of companies are evaluating or using cloud today. Around 73 per cent of the companies already have a cloud strategy in place and 84 per cent of the companies are already using cloud today.

“Every customer today, be it banking or enterprises, do have a cloud strategy. It could be their own cloud or public cloud,” he added.

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