Cloud is the Future of BFSI Sector: Pramod Sharda of IceWarp

Pramod Sharda
Pramod Sharda, Chief Executive Officer at IceWarp India & Middle East
Pramod Sharda
Pramod Sharda, Chief Executive Officer at IceWarp India & Middle East

Cloud computing has a lot of scope in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector. An important aspect associated with Cloud and its implementation is based on its safety  and concentrating on this necessity, we are the only service providers that offer Private Cloud and Private Cloud Cluster to the customers, said Pramod Sharda, Chief Executive Officer at IceWarp – India & Middle East, in conversation with Rashi Aditi Ghosh of Elets News Network (ENN).

The year 2018 has just begun,what are your plans for this year?

In line with our vision 2020, we would be starting 2 Million Mailboxes in a span of three years and we would begin it 2018. Our brand has planned several important initiatives this year such as Drive Sales through partners where they contribute 80 per cent to our revenue, expand our base in South India in H1 (First half) and start North India Operations in H2 (Second half), upscale partners to sell and service, propagate private Cloud cluster for large organisations specially in service Industry to cater to their Information Security Policies, so that they can take advantage of Cloud services.

Several technology-based up gradations are changing the face of BFSI sector. What is the scope of cloud computing in this context?

Cloud computing has already made inroads in every industry and lately in 2017, we saw BFSI embracing cloud computing primarily for Email and Collaboration services. We at IceWarp believe there is a huge opportunity for Cloud computing adaption. But the need of the hour is security specialised cloud computing technology such as Private Cloud or Private Cloud Cluster and IceWarp is completely ready with it. Private Cloud or Private Cloud Cluster provides complete security to the customer who wants to implement all Information Security guidelines to use Cloud and also they can extend their existing Leased Lines or MPLS connectivity to Private Cloud providing seamless secured access.

What hindrances do you encounter in the Indian market? How challenging is this segment?

BFSI is divided largely into multiple types of entities Government, Private, Cooperative, Regional Players. Every entity has its own set of thought process. Email today is largely not provided to each and every employee in BFSI and our mission is to enable them by providing them cost effective solutions. This would cut down lot of manual paper, laborious exercise, bring efficiency in the system and most important bring sense of equality among employees working.

How are your offerings unique in comparison to your already existing competitors in the Indian market?

IceWarp today is well positioned as the only true alternative to Exchange, O365 and Gsuite no other product then IceWarp competes so successfully with them. We have been largely busy with launching Hybrid Email Cloud Services in 2017 where large workforce gets migrated to IceWarp and only key management persons remain on existing platform this brings in huge cost savings to customers and most important all employees are provided with email services.

We provide on-premises Cloud so the customer can choose the services as per his/her requirements. We are the only service providers that provide Private Cloud and Private Cloud Cluster for customers who are very security-sensitive and would like to control the services they way they want, we are the only cloud service providers who allow MPLS / Leased Line connectivity to Cloud. We provide multiple options to customers on the Cloud they can select from 1 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 30 GB slabs and create their own matrix for usage as all employees do not require a standard 30 GB Mailbox, therefore overall TCO is reduced by minimum 40 per cent.


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