Phonon-Offering communication automation products that can predict customer’s demand

Vijayendra Singh
Vijayendra Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Phonon
Vijayendra Singh
Vijayendra Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Phonon

Phonon is a global provider of enterprise consumer communication automation services. We believe in offering more personalised and predictive services to the customers, says Vijayendra Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Phonon, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

Your brand automates nearly 2 Million+ customer interactions daily over IVR and text-messaging based channels. How challenging is it to operate in a multilingual country like India?

To compete in a country like India, companies need new ways to communicate with partners, customers, and employees quickly and effectively. Phonon’s Multilingual IVR and text-based communication channels support 12 Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu etc. which significantly helped us penetrate in the Indian market by connecting to the customers in their native language.

Tell us about your cloud based/on-premise solution. What role does Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence play in this regard?

Phonon is a global provider of enterprise consumer communication automation services. Our clients have the option of integrating with our cloud-based or on-premise solutions that include ML & AI-powered IVRs, Chat-bots, ACDs, Outbound Dialers and Click-to-Call™ and web retargeting solutions. Powered by world-class Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, Phonon’s solutions provide more personalised and predictive services to the customers. For example: Phonon’s AI-powered chatbots have advanced machine learning algorithms that can predict what a customer is looking for.

The chatbot proactively proposes options to confirm or clarify the query thereby increasing the accuracy of intent detection and response. Phonon’s IVR solution predicts what your callers are looking for before they say anything. It also helps shorten the call duration by delivering the right message at the right time.

Phonon offers Interactive Bots for customer query resolution. Which sectors are adopting chatbots as part of their customer service?

Phonon’s interactive bots are widely used across all the industries. For example, one of the largest credit card providers in the world is leveraging chatbots for scheduling appointments with the customer and to check the eligibility of the credit card applicants. We have also collaborated with one of the top financial services company to provide India’s largest loan bot. Powered by NLP, our intelligent loan bot solves customer queries within seconds. Apart from prominent players in the BFSI sector, our interactive bots are also used by top companies in the Travel, Aviation, Media and E-commerce sectors.

How are you leveraging social media to reach out to the “Millennials”?

Millennials are always looking for the “next big thing.” By now, any organisation worth his or her salt knows that consolidating, strengthening and/or building a digital presence is all about targeting millennials. That is why Phonon’s solutions have seamless integration with all social media platforms, be it Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter. With the help of our solutions, organisations can interact with their “Millennial” customers without any hassle.

What innovations have you planned for 2019?

We have exciting updates on our platform scheduled in 2019! We are soon going to launch Phonon Central: a one-stop platform for functional users to automate all customer communications. Central is a scalable, secure, easy-to-use and feature rich platform across channels (voice and text-based) that integrates with the best global Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning service frameworks. Equipped with an intuitive and easy to use flow designer, Central will help users to make the changes on the fly with an effortless flowchart based, drag & drop interface.


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