ScaleFusion to offer best-in-class Mobile Device Management Solution

Harishankar Kannan

ScaleFusion has been growing organically, expanding its presence and offerings to various geographies across the world, scaling rapidly with over 4500+ customers across various domains. Considering that only a handful of start-ups survive the heat of markets, we wanted to understand how ScaleFusion grew and what this space promises for organisations, how the various players have evolved over the last decade. In conversation with Elets News Network (ENN), Harishankar Kannan, the CEO and Co-founder of Promobi Technologies speaks about their flagship product ScaleFusion that promises to offer the best-in-class Mobile Device Management (MDM)/Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution and how the solution changed the face of device management and security.

Harishankar Kannan

1.Why is MDM/EMM Solution pivotal to organisations?

Mobility enhances productivity and business continuity, but it also puts pressure on operations to manage all of those external devices that carry critical business information. Due to a wide range of available platforms, functionalities, and usage habits, it can become extremely daunting for organisations to manage all of these devices and the data they have access to.  What has continued to complicate the mobile enterprise is the sheer number and/or type of devices that IT has to manage. Enter employee-owned (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) devices, and the complexity seems to explode all at once. Therefore,

“A common security infrastructure that caters to multiple channels including the mobile device is a must.”

To handle such issues, many organisations are investing in Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools. These tools help secure devices and their contents to ensure enterprise compliance while respecting users’ privacy.

A data breach or device theft can cost organisations dearly. A small firm can suffer a minimum of $50,000 in losses and a mid-size firm’s losses can run into millions. MDM/EMM solutions have carved a safe ground for enterprises to prevent or reduce such kinds of losses and hence play a crucial role in the IT strategy of an organisation.

 How is Scalefusion enabling organisations?

Today, every employee, whether a knowledge worker or a frontline executive works with mobile phones to access important data in real-time, which in turn helps them keep their productivity up while offering convenience and flexibility, allowing for a work-life balance.

As a powerful and intuitive MDM solution, Scalefusion goes beyond helping companies manage and secure their devices and data from a remote location.

We solve a gamut of IT issues that pose everyday challenges, such as

·  Application and content management

· Remote troubleshooting

·  Device analytics

· Team collaboration with Secure communication

·  Workflow automation and scheduling

·  ITSM integrations and more…

We are a best-in-class solution to streamline and secure device management for knowledge workers as well as frontline executives. The best part about Scalefusion MDM is its simple licensing structure and excellent customer support with free training. We assist our customers at every step, for them to successfully use our product and drive desired business results.

3. How is ScaleFusion unique?

In the MDM marketplace, many players offer effective and feature-loaded solutions, but it’s essential to select the one that best suits your business needs.

“Scalefusion is successful because we built the product based on the voice-of-the-customer”

Many companies who have enjoyed an early-mover advantage, have built mammoth tools that organisations seldom use. Scalefusion, on the contrary, built the solution from the ground up, ensuring we solve consumer problems. Every feature built has its roots in solving a typical consumer problem. The way ScaleFusion enables organisation is through the following:

a.  Single Pane to manage all device and OS types

b. Quick Go-to-market and Ease of deployment

c. Reducing mobile deployment strategy costs by a third-party at the least

d. Scale on a need basis

e. Providing solutions not just for mobile rollout but also for IT executives to effectively manage their fleet.

4. Mobile Deployment strategies are ever-changing starting from Corporate-owned to Bring Your Own Device. How does Scalefusion help organisations overcome such a complex mine-field?

Sometime back we created a playful version of the various acronyms and word-plays that came about in this space (as below). With the evolving needs of the organisation and the employees, the mobile deployment strategy has undergone a significant change.  From Corporate-Owned (COD) to BYOD, it’s a big spectrum of the offering. At Scalefusion, we have been at the forefront to embrace all the MDM protocol changes that Google and Apple have brought about and we cater to not just different devices and OSes but also a different mix of mobile deployment strategies. What makes us unique is how we do all of this in a simple manner with a single pane of truth – Our comprehensive dashboard!

5.  How is this space changing/evolving?

The MDM/EMM space in itself has not seen much of a significant change, however, players like us have added more useful tools like remote management, communication tools that enable textual and voice/video exchange (call it a corporate WhatsApp!), along with ITSM integrations.

We also have a new slew of tools that have emerged atop MDM/EMM solutions. MTDs! Mobile Threat Defense companies have started the securing of the MDM containers to detect anomalous behaviour of devices and apps. They are complementary to our kind of solutions and are increasingly gaining popularity. There is a thin line of difference between what an MDM/EMM does vis-à-vis an MTD. Both can tread across each other’s space, but considering the complexities each remain in their own territory, garnering the expertise the teams have built all along.

Working with the right kind of MDM solution will definitely play a significant role in streamlining mobile policies, standardising usage patterns, applying security standards etc. ScaleFusion has been enjoying the partnership of 4000+ client success partners across the world and is slated to increase. It’s a testament to our competence and nimbleness that most of our customers have not looked elsewhere for more than 3 years.

6. What is your vision for 2020?

Leaders at the helm of affairs, across organisations, often get asked these questions at the beginning of every year. At ScaleFusion, we are proud to have set some audacious goals. We believe in delighting our customers and ensuring they derive the best for the investment they make with us. In 2020, our aim will be to increase the consumer base that would benefit from deploying an effective and cost-reducing solution, and provide us with an opportunity to delight them and help them realise their true ROI.

Like always, we build and expand on what we offer based on consumer’s voice. We will sharpen our eyes and ears for more such opportunities in 2020, to enhance the solution and make it one of the most loved and preferred choices across the globe.




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