WiseBank Enterprise for Intelligent Banking:Tridib Jana

Tridib Jana
Tridib Jana
Managing Director, Issac Technologies Pvt Ltd

Introduction of cloud technology in the finance industry has helped revive the cooperative banking industry by allowing them to upgrade and modernise their service portfolio without incurring large IT expenses. Cooperative banks can now offer services like online banking, multi-channel banking and doorstep banking through cloud platform.

Cloud Tech in Coop Banking

Banks are rapidly adopting cloud-delivered platforms, applications and business processes, as it offers a series of advantages over traditional monolithic environment. In the cooperative banking sector, it has helped address the biggest challenges faced by these banks in serving customers manpower, money and technology. Cloud adoption has allowed them the following benefits:

• Optimising manpower and eliminating overhead redundancy by automating and streamlining operational process

• Reducing expenses by offering modern technological solutions through cloud platform

• Create a technologically empowered environment that would allow cooperative banks to widen their customer base by creating innovative product range and integrating more channels, like doorstep banking

Centralised solution to PACS

Tridib Jana Managing Director, Issac Technologies Pvt Ltd
Tridib Jana
Managing Director, Issac Technologies Pvt Ltd

The KCC RuPay card from NABARD is a smart card-cum- debit card that can be used in ATMs/hand – held swipe machines issued to financially empower Indian farmers. NABARD aimed it to be disbursed to the target audience by DCCBs to its customers as well as members of PACS. This arrangement called for a holistic approach to create an integrated environment between DCCBS and PACS where the DCCB CBS is to be integrated with PACS centralised solution without affecting the daily operation process of the PACS. The integration is to support real-time data exchange and update function between the DCCB and PACS centralised solutions.

An innovative core banking solution

Issac Technologies has been one of the early adopters of cloud computing in banking. We are known for bringing innovations and international standard technological solutions since our inception in 2006. The company offers an array of banking software applications with a robust, scalable and agile core banking solution at the centre of its product offering.

WiseBank Enterprise – the core banking solutions by Issac Technologies, is built using modern, standard technologies catering to the business needs of clients. This is a highly parameterised and modular solution that is offered both as comprehensive core banking solution for cooperative banks and as an adjunct solution for PACS. It is a convergent solution capable to cater to different financial segments effectively. Its features are:

• Built using web-based technology

• Intuitive and interactive designing

• Scalable, adaptive and responsive design

• Platform- and technology-independent

• Developed using industry and accounting best practices

• In-built analysis and reporting

• Process automation

• Easy integration and multichannel support

• Multi language, multicurrency support

• Cloud-ready, multitenant support

As an adjunct centralised solution, it offers required features for PACS automation:

• CAS or Common Accounting System-compliant as prescribed by NABARD

• Offers integration between DCCB and Apex Banks

• CBS and PACS centralised solution for KCC RuPay Cards programme

• MIS reports and analysis as per PACS accounting standards

• Business process standardisation and automation

• Centralised solution with multi-tenant capability

• Multi-channel integration

• WiseBank Enterprise allows 360-degree insight on operation, customer behaviour and business challenges to allow banks and financial institutions to sprint ahead of competition, innovate and market new products effectively.


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