Accura Scan -The Only Certified Solution for User On-Boarding & Real-Time Authentication for Banks

Accura Scan

Accura ScanThere are countless of legal situations which demand real time user authentication to ensure that the right individual is assigned and concerned. This process is known as customer on-boarding.

The truth is on-boarding new or existing users is always a complex and lengthy process. Still, verifying the real identity of an individual is vital to ensure proper compliance with all the various standards.

In times when the world suffers from identity theft problems, we all need a reliable solution that acts in a simple way – allowing ONLY certified authentication in a 100 percent accurate way.

Luckily, Accura Scan has developed a solution that is disruptive, interactive and user-friendly. Most importantly, it has combined two-decade of knowledge and targeted the platforms towards usability and scalability, ensuring a proper user authentication system that works through any smart device and webcams.

The Path Behind Accura: From Vision to Innovation

Accura has designed a solution to address the growing KYC challenges and User Authentication problems globally. It is secured, un-phishable and most importantly, virtually spoof-proof.

This process is meant to help companies with digital customer on-boarding needs to solve their problems through a new technology that is based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning.

“At ACCURA SCAN we help companies with Digital KYC & Seamless Customer On-Boarding with Certified Liveness Check for Real-Time User Authentications so it can deliver experiences that your customer would love which is fast, secure yet compliant” – Yasin Patel, CEO Accura Scan

Introducing Accura Authentication

It’s the world’s first and only biometric to achieve perfect anti-spoofing in NVLAP/NIST-certified, ISO 30107-guided iBeta Level 1 & 2 Presentation Attack Detection testing. No other face authenticator in the world, in the history of biometrics, has ever passed either Level 1 or 2 of this rigorous testing!

Why certified 3D Liveness is critical for your brand? Our customers have chosen us unparalleled 3D Liveness Detection to fortify their apps, ensuring each user is physically present during onboarding and authentication, and they cannot be infiltrated by fraudsters.  This means bad guys can’t “spoof” the system with artifacts like 2D photos, videos, dolls or masks.

Accura’s Goal for the Future: Verifying Identities, Liveness Check to Permit/Restrict Access

Accura is the only solution to have a safe and secure user on-boarding process ensuring that the right person is always in front of the camera using the device for remote authentication – before granting them access to any app, webpage or program. From unlocking your car door to accessing your bank account, it offers more security, flexibility and portability than any traditional biometric solution.

“Our SDK works On Device / On Client Premises, it’s all as per GDPR guidelines. No Block Chain, NO Cloud. The system is fully secure and no data comes to us in any case” Ali Masani CTO, Accura Scan.

Accura Scan is globally and widely used in banks, micro finance companies and telecom providers, facilities with security personnel, airports and airlines as well as government institutions. The Accura Scan Technology can be applied to any industry that demands accurate identification of their Users and Remote Authentication.

What to know more about Accura Scan? Request a demo now at or email to

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