Cloudera – Dealing with Data Monitoring and Processing:Amr Awadallah

Amr Awadallah
Amr Awadallah,
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Cloudera

Cloudera offers next generation software database and it has the ability to scale big. It processes various types of data, including structured and unstructured data, says Amr Awadallah, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Cloudera, in conversation with Poulami Chakraborty of Elets News Network (ENN).

Kindly take us through the journey of ‘Cloudera’ in the global market.
Cloudera was launched in 2008 with a bandwidth of four employees. In the present day, we are an institution having a strength of nearly 1,400 employees. Our software is a next-generation database and it has the ability to scale big. It processes various types of data, including structured and unstructured data.

Further, it allows you to extract information and insights from them, which is not possible from legacy software like-Oracle and others. Moreover, our products are usable in any platform, for example, mobile platform, which is very scalable and agile.

Our products have censors that measure everything, including cars, people, farms and vegetables; hence, implying that we are present in almost every sector one can think of.

Our software finds implication in web and internet companies, telecommunication, financial services, and governance profoundly and any other sector which deals with huge volumes of data every day. In India, Airtel is one of our key customers, whom we serve in the telecommunication space, while in the global scenario we are catering to nine of the top ten telecommunication companies.

For the health sector, ‘Predictive Analysis’ is very important and our software is used vividly in this space by leading healthcare brands. Within governance, there are many used cases, cyber security being one of the key focused areas by governments to ensure safe city in a particular region.

How is your organisation associated with the Indian government?
We have been associated with the Indian government for past three years, and our services are in a much nascent phase. Though the infrastructure available in India is quite low, however, the technology is great and there are a lot of companies in this space who had been interested in our products and services to take the techinfra development to the next-level.

Our products are more for extracting skills and information from the existing data and utilising it in a number of ways. In a nutshell, Cloudera works closely with universities, governance, and healthcare industry as well as with banking and finance industry. One of the key government agencies that use our technology and products is the intelligence agency in India. We have also worked closely with the Singapore and the Malaysian governments to establish that we have enough data proficiency and skill. We also cater to some universities across the world.

The used cases of banking and finance is mainly in three main areas, firstly customer 360, which is about 360 view of the customer, understanding them and their needs. The second one is about anti-money laundering, which is extremely important for tracking the money and the relationship or trust that a financial institution develops in the mind of the customers; and the third issue that BFSI sector counters with is fraudulent activities. Our products and services to banks primarily cater in all the above areas and are hence used by several banks across the world.

Social media is a prime tool of marketing used by most brands and organisations to reach out to people, how is Cloudera using social media marketing to take their brand to more and more people?
In Cloudera, we count on three basic pillars on which our brand is serving the entire market across several companies in the world, namely- skill, variety of data that we can process and the new types of algorithms that we can process. Social media needs all the three and hence we fit the criteria to cater them in a vast manner. Besides being an unstructured form of data, the social media forum has huge volume of data to be processed. Furthermore, social media deals with people and the graph of how they are connected to people and, hence monitoring the flow of data. Cloudera deals in data monitoring and processing in a big way and hence reach out to people and their sentiments.

“Our products are usable in any platform, for example, mobile platform, which is very scalable and agile.”

Digital India is an ambitious project launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with a target time of 2019, how is Cloudera working to keep in lines with this concept?
We are keen to be a part of the Indian government’s flagship initiatives, regarding data analysis and processing. Cloudera would be glad to be associated with the Government of India’s initiatives and programmes on a larger scale and hence work on data analysis, processing and management.

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