Green Data Centre: Catering to Energy Efficiency

Green Data Centre

The rising inclination towards cloud computing and growing demand for storage space, are some of the leading factors for the rapid growth of the data center segment in India. The initiation towards cloud has accelerated the construction towards datacenters and high-speed networks, especially in the banking segment. As the dependency on data centre is growing multiple folds the need for ensuring efficient consumption of resources and energy is also increasing. Owing to high operational expenses due to the heavy energy consumption for Data Centres, service providers are now moving towards green data centers, explores Rashi Aditi Ghosh of Elets News Network (ENN).

Green Data Centres

A green Data Center is one in which mechanical, electrical and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact. Several strategies can be used to reduce carbon footprint such as minimising the footprint of buildings, use of low-emission building materials, waste and water recycling, and use of alternative energy technologies such as evaporative cooling, photovoltaics, heat pumps, etc.

In an effort to improve their environmental credentials and lower costs of operation, many companies are already working towards reducing electricity and water usage at their data centers. Apart from making fundamental changes in the design of data centers to reduce energy demand, companies are also planning to install energy-efficient equipment and water-saving cooling devices.

Significance of Green Data Centres

Green Data Centres don’t just save energy; they reduce the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades to deal with increased power and cooling demand.

With rising energy costs and information technology (IT) equipment stressing the power and cooling of infrastructure, many see an economic and operational crisis intimidating.

Lately, Chief information officers (CIO) are being challenged to rethink their data center strategies, adding energy efficiency to a list of critical operating parameters that already includes serviceability, reliability and performance.

 A green initiative can help a company regain power and cooling capacity, recapture resiliency and help meet business needs, at the same time, dramatically reducing energy costs and the total cost of ownership.

Going green is becoming more than a humane aspiration to save the planet. It’s now clear that going green is a necessity that companies will need to embrace—sooner rather than later—to survive economically.

Explaining about the significance of Green Data Centre in terms of energy efficiency, Debmalya Dey Roy, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Pi DATACENTERS said , “Energy efficiency is the major factor to be addressed by any green data center. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is the most standard industry metric to measure the same. A Lower PUE is the sign of an efficient data center.”

“This can be achieved by effectively using the available resources. Optimised electrical and cooling design will enhance the power efficiency of the data center. Be it enabling power management feature in CPU’s, use of high efficiency equipment including UPS, adopting best practices in cooling, conducting energy audit, action to reduce energy consumption. Recent engineering innovations have made more options available. Using renewable energy resources is another way to improve the efficiency,” he added.

Advantages of making Data Centre Green

The primary functionality of any data center is data processing which is achieved through servers, storage and networking, but modern data center operating in virtualisation environment hosting a Varity of applications and to manage multiple applications in data center creates the challenges of providing resources and allocation in response.

The main advantages of making data center green is to achieve not only efficient processing and utilisation of resources but also include minimising energy consumption, resource management, power saving on virtualisation environment, cloud computing services with performance management and IT security.


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