Innovating with India’s Digitally Emerging Market: ESCAN

Govind Rammurthy
CEO and Managing Director, Microworld Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

In the wake of the Digital India dream, the Indian market is transforming at a faster pace. At eScan, we have been very regular in innovating newer and better solutions to cater the emerging problems of the society, says Govind Rammurthy, CEO and Managing Director, Microworld Software Services Pvt. Ltd. in an exclusive conversation with Poulami Chakraborty from Elets News Network (ENN).

How has been your experience in the Indian market ever since you penetrated in the content security solution sector of the nation?

When we started the company several years ago, 70 per cent of the market was pirated. But in the last five to six years, Indian market has really matured. Customers now realise the need of using licensed software. Today, people are buying software, deploying software and they understand the importance of security within their organisation and at home as well. Because of the various news reports pertaining to security threats in smart phones, PCs etc, people these days are aware and educated about the need and usage of licensed software and use them smartly. Because of the dissemination of information in the past few years, the market has really increased and matured to the optimum level.

IT has penetrated almost all the sectors of operation and has found its usage across sectors. Can you kindly explain your brand’s presence and scope of penetration for times to come?

When it comes to IT Security, it encompasses all the segments. Today, be it in education vertical or health vertical or in small scale industries or large ones, IT security plays a crucial role for the well being and growth of any company. eScan is working on several industries and our products are available in 22 different languages .This is how we are able to serve world markets and markets where languages are difficult. Hence, we are catering to individual users to big enterprises, serving them their customised category of solution. In true sense, we are an internationally accepted player. With passing years our volume of growth will multiply exponentially.

How do you perceive the brand’s growth in Indian market in comparison to the rest of the world?

As far as developed nations are concerned, the IT infrastructure available to them is extremely good. In India, we are lagging far behind all these nations, when it comes to infrastructure. The IT infrastructure in those countries being well accessible with a very good depth, and optimised for easy usage, the acceptance and penetration of IT is extremely high than what it is in our country. However, in our country, we are still in the process of developing good infrastructure.

Can you elaborate on how eScan is serving the governance sector, IT and enterprise sector and the BFSI sector?

When it comes to governance, one of the key things that we do is creating policies and frameworks. As a parent vendor company, which understands the nuances of security, we work with the central organisation or the government in order to put this frameworks and policies in place, which is cumulatively called as ‘e-governance’. When it comes to financial sector we must remember that it is an industry in its own and we have solutions which are specifically targetted to financial sector. The biggest reform that we see is educating the industry people about the importance of security in their domain of working. Until that happens, it is really difficult to push the policy changers to adopt the policies and framework we are suggesting to them. For example, Indian banks still send e-mails to their customers about certain matters. However, in the western world, it is clearly mentioned to people to not trust any e-mails. Moreover, sending attachments through a medium as volatile as e-mail is an unwise act. Thus, to make Indian financial sector understand the importance of information security, first they must be educated about it.

What challenges do you face while penetrating in the Tier II or Tier III cities?

In Tier II or Tier III cities we do face challenges, primarily because of lack of infrastructure. Today, when we are releasing updates, it accounts to nearly 1 MB or 2 MB updates per day, depending on the volume of malwares we are able to detect, on a daily basis. However, in smaller cities availability of this infrastructure in order to download this tool is also a big challenge. However, people here in these cities are educated and understand the importance of security and adopt these changes from time to time.

India is transforming into a digital society, please tell us how important is IT security in this context?

When a nation is working towards digitisation, IT infrastructure has a greater role to play. Thus, it is important that the government looks after all the security aspects, even before they roll out any new services or products for mass adoption. It is important that we impart lessons to the upcoming generation on adoption of IT security and exploit internet wisely, rather than teaching them programming languages. The whole exercise should start from the grass-route level on a mandatory note; which may impact five years down the line, resulting in better ‘Digital India’ with responsible users and policymakers, who will be able to exploit the opportunities wisely.

eScan, as a brand, has been very regular in innovating newer and better solutions to cater the emerging problems of the society. Today’s biggest threat to enterprises and economy in general is ‘ransom-ware’.

Please share with us the brand’s pipeline for Indian market that you would like to slate out in the next few years?

eScan, as a brand, has been very regular in innovating newer and better solutions to cater the emerging problems of the society. Today’s biggest threat to enterprises and economy in general is ‘ransom-ware’. Recently, we have launched a solution for this threat of ransom-ware, and we will continue exploring newer avenues regularly to curb this threat to extinct in the times to come.

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