Maha govt to offer cybersecurity infrastructure to cooperative banks

cyber security

cyber securityIn the wake of Rs 94 crore hacking case detected at the Cosmos Bank’s Pune branch, Maharashtra Cyber Crime Department has directed all the Cooperative banks in the state to join hands on a single platform for helping the state government to create a cybersecurity infrastructure, in a bid to combat the hacking instances in future.

Superintendent of Police, Balsing Rajput from the Maharashtra Cyber-Crime Department recently organised a meeting with at least 500 officials from various cooperative banks in the state and explained them the security measures that should be taken to fight back hacking instances.

During the meeting, the banks were asked to review their Cyber Security Architecture (CSA) twice a year.

“There is a need to establish Cyber Security Operations Centre for proactive monitoring using sophisticated tools for detection, quick response and backed by tools for data analytics. Establish cybersecurity testing/assessment program to identify vulnerabilities/ security flaws in Bank’s infrastructure/applications on a periodic basis,” said a government official.

“Applications, network logs, security application logs would help in prediction, detection & speedy identification of security incidents, Frame the policy, framework for collection and retention of logs from various application, network devices. Vulnerability Assessment of all applications, devices and systems,” the official said.n

“We have asked the banks that they should come together and we will also facilitate them and would create an infrastructure provided by the state government that can be used by all the cooperative banks,” said Brijesh Singh, Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra Cyber-Crime Department.

In August this year, Rs 94 crore were fished out from Cosmos Bank by cyber-fraudsters. Around Rs 80 crore were withdrawn from 28 countries. From Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, USA and United Kingdom, Rs 40 crore were withdrawn from ATMs, probe had revealed.


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