Oracle announced Database 23c Free Version for Developers


Oracle today announced the availability of a free version of Oracle Database 23c. The new Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Version addresses the rising demand from developers and organisations throughout the world for access to the latest capabilities in Oracle Database 23c “App Simple.” Developers now have access to breakthrough Oracle Database capabilities that facilitate the creation of modern data-driven applications, preparing them for the upcoming Long-Term Support Release of Oracle Database 23c.

“In India, developers are at the core of the tech world today and at Oracle, we believe in equipping them with enough tools to develop modern solutions and meet industry demands. Free version of Oracle Database 23c is a step towards ensuring significant innovation as they align themselves for the release of Oracle Database 23c. Getting the benefit of being able to build applications with much more efficiency with features such as JSON Relational Duality, JavaScript Stored Procedures or JSON Schema amongst others can significantly bring about much more innovation for developer.” said P Saravanan, Vice President, Cloud Engineering, Oracle India.

“Oracle is delighted to provide developers early access to the world’s most advanced database technologies for developing and running modern applications,” said Juan Loaiza, Executive Vice President, mission-critical database technologies, Oracle. “With Oracle Database 23c Free­–Developer Release, developers will be able to level up their skills and start building new apps using breakthrough features such as the JSON Relational Duality which unifies the Relational and Document data models providing the best of both worlds, SQL support for Graph queries directly on OLTP data, and Stored Procedures in the world’s most popular programming language – JavaScript.

Putting developers first, Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release

Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release is available without a user account or login as a Docker Image, VirtualBox VM, or Linux RPM installation file. A Windows version is expected to be released soon.

“Developers are the most important constituency in tech decision-making today. Therefore, getting tools into their hands with a minimum of friction is more important than ever,” said James Governor, Co-founder of RedMonk. “Oracle Database 23c Free­–Developer Release is designed to remove obstacles to developer access, allowing devs to define the ecosystem without requiring permission. This is a radical departure for Oracle.”

Oracle Database 23c Free–Developer Release includes:

JSON Relational Duality: Developers can create applications in either the relational or JSON paradigms with a single source of truth, leveraging the capabilities of both—the relational and document models. Data is only stored once, but it can be read, written, and updated using either method. Developers benefit from the advantages of both JSON and relational models, including ACID compliant transactions and concurrency controls, eliminating the need to choose between complex object-relational mappings and data inconsistency issues.

JavaScript Stored Procedures (powered by GraalVM): By developing JavaScript Stored Procedures or importing existing JavaScript libraries into Oracle Database, JavaScript code can now be performed closer to data than ever before. Support for JavaScript code boosts developer productivity by allowing for the reuse of current business logic directly within the data tier as well as the reuse of JavaScript development abilities. JavaScript code execution can coexist with SQL and PL/SQL, allowing for polyglot programming language support.

JSON Schema: Developers may now confidently and reliably use the JSON data format by ensuring and validating JSON document structures using industry-standard JSON Schemas.

Operational Property Graphs: With Oracle Database’s industry-leading, new SQL standard property graph queries capability, developers can now build both transactional and analytical property graph applications, including graph analytics on top of both relational and JSON data.

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Oracle Kafka APIs: With minor code changes, Kafka applications can now operate against Oracle Database Transactional Event Queues. This allows for considerably more powerful microservices to be developed utilising transactional events, which handle event actions as well as database updates in a single atomic transaction.

SQL Domains: The new domain construct can function as lightweight type modifiers that centrally document intended data usage, so extending and significantly improving SQL standard domains. This enables developers to have a better understanding of how data is utilised and enhances overall data quality without the complexity and incompatibility of usage-specific or user-defined data types.

Annotations: With the new annotation method inside the Oracle Database, database metadata may now be saved directly alongside the data. Developers can annotate common data model elements such as tables, columns, views, and indexes, offering a centralised, lightweight, declarative capability for registering and exchanging usage details between applications. Putting the metadata alongside the data ensures consistency and universal access for any user or application that uses the data.

“With Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release, developers get early access to new app dev features highlighted by JSON Relational Duality,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president, Data Management Software, IDC. “This release finally gives developers an opportunity to try out a feature that unifies and synchronizes the documents and relational worlds. It enables developers and data engineers to access formats for each use case without worrying about data structure, data mapping, data consistency or performance tuning. They can now also run graph analytics on top of both relational and JSON data. Oracle’s JSON Relational Duality, a truly revolutionary solution, is perhaps one of the most important innovations in information science in 20 years.”

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