Shifting to cloud denotes embracing innovation: Shibabrata Mondal, Founder and CEO, Wizergo

For Wizergos, the key reason for being on the cloud is the rate of innovation. The SaaS model of delivering software has removed the inefficiencies of traditional software release cycles. Also, the ability to purchase subscriptions of the right size lets enterprises try out solutions more easily and economically and grow both on features and usage as the need grows, says Shibabrata Mondal, Founder and CEO, Wizergos, in an interaction with Rashi Aditi Ghosh of Elets News Network (ENN).

  1. Tell us about your #ZeroCode Platform to build Custom Conversational Applications.

 The Wizergos platform is targeted for rapid development, deployment, and easy management of customer-centric applications. So the typical use cases would be the automation of customer support for existing customers, lead generation and automatic classification of new prospects. The user interface for these applications would be conversational, either text or voice, which allows for omnichannel deployment in your website, mobile APPs, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Phone call.

You can also define and configure the business logic of your application which can be either rules-driven or AI-driven and can also connect with your existing IT solutions using REST or SOAP APIs. For building AI-driven business logic, the Wizergos platform also provides a management console to build, train, test AI models using existing historical business data. The key advantage is that you can do all these and develop and deploy your application without having to write or maintain any code. So it is a very useful platform to build applications quickly and continuously adapt and modify based on usage, and changing needs.

  1. So is it like chatbot?

Yes and no. Yes, because the user interface is conversational similar to chatbots. But, the Wizergos platform is also designed to rapidly build custom applications with custom business logic. So we think of it more like a rapid application development solution. We choose the conversational user interface because we feel that it makes it easily deployable in platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and voice in addition to the traditional web and mobile APPs.

  1. What do you mean by Zero Code? How does it work?

Zero code means you can build a custom application that suits your specific needs without writing any new code. The way we achieve this is different for different parts of the solution. Firstly, the user interface is conversational. So as a person who is building and managing this application you would simply provide the natural language conversations that you want to support. The Wizergos NLP engine will create and maintain various databases to make sure it can understand the user’s intent if it is similar to the conversation flows you have added.

 Secondly, you can define the rules-based business logic using drag and drop kind of interfaces of the Wizergos management console. Thirdly, the integrations and with other IT systems can be defined and made part of the business logic of your application without writing any integration code. Finally, you can bring your custom data, train and test your custom models and use the models for AI-based predictions as part of the business logic of your applications.

  1. For customer-centric use cases, data analytics would be an important component. How do you handle this?

Wizergos natively collects, analyzes and shows reports on various user-centric attributes sessions, messages, engagement, etc. Additionally, the Wizergos solution also collects data to improve the application over time. However, one can also make custom data collection and analysis part of the application business logic of the application, including uploading data to a third-party solution for further analysis.

  1. What are your views on cloud technology? Is it safe?

So there are multiple reasons why enterprises think of the cloud. It could be to move traditional applications to the cloud on some IaaS platform. Often it can start with moving analytics workload to the cloud for the elasticity it provides. All these come with an economic argument. IaaS providers are providing the right security hooks and controls to allay some of the security concerns. For Wizergos cloud is a means to an end. We deliver our solution as a SaaS solution. The primary benefit of this for us and our customers is the rate of innovation. The SaaS model also enables us to deliver affordable subscription-based cost structure to small and mid-sized enterprises and also large enterprises who want to try out different use cases before making an enterprise-wide adoption of the platform.

  1. How Wizergos works in the cloud?

 Like I was saying, for Wizergos the key reason for being on the cloud is the rate of innovation. The SaaS model of delivering software has removed the inefficiencies of traditional software release cycles. Also, the ability to purchase subscriptions of the right size lets enterprises try out solutions more easily and economically and grow both on features and usage as the need grows. Working model wise, Wizergos manages the servers and applications and the user login and uses it with the browser or mobile APP.

  1. Data security plays a significant role in the BFSI domain. How do you ensure the safety of data?

Absolutely. Security and safety of data are a must-have feature and must be designed into today’s applications. Wizergos is architected and designed with security and data safety in mind. So, we cover the basic features like all data on the network is encrypted, all data at rest on storage systems are encrypted. We also have some key fields in databases encrypted. All encryptions are strong 256-bit encryptions and industry-standard key storage mechanisms are used. Additionally, Wizergos provides single sign-on support for better management of users and access control. Within the Wizergos application as well, we provide role-based access control to make sure enterprises can provide the right level of access to their employees.

  1. What is your vision for 2020?

2020 for us will be focussed on two fronts. We have already done a few implementations in the BFSI sector with rules-driven conversational applications for customer-centric use cases like support automation. We would like to double down on this and help many more NBFCs, Insurance companies and Banks to fully automate their support functions with the deployment of these applications on the preferred channels for customers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Phone. Secondly, we feel there are multiple use cases of AI-based business logic in loan applications, insurance claims, renewals, etc. We would like to work with our customers and partners for the successful implementation of these advanced applications as well.


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