Simplifai helps businesses integrate Intelligent Process Automation at their workplace: Daniel Kohn, Chief Commercial Officer, Simplifai

Daniel Kohn

Covid outbreak and the challenges associated with it brought several emerging technologies and innovative solutions into picture. Artificial Intelligence and Digital employee are concepts that got the spotlight, helping ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency in employee management. To understand the increasing role of disruptive technologies, bots and more in the BFSI sectors and employee management, Rashi Aditi Ghosh of Elets News Network (ENN) interacted to Daniel Kohn, Chief Commercial Officer, Simplifai.

1. How is Simplifai helping in redefining how organizations’ work?

A vast majority of companies relying on technologies not only to attract the right customers but also to improve their stance from a global perspective. Customer expectations are rising in organizations, especially for the ones that are heavily dependent on technology.

Companies today are highly focused on increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and keeping their employees happy. Simplifai enables companies achieve this with our AI-powered solutions.

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Simplifai helps businesses integrate Intelligent Process Automation at their workplace. Using Simplifai’s AI solutions, organizations increase their work efficiency, scale their operations, and improve their customer satisfaction by reducing their response time.

One of the key challenge with a lot of custom AI-solution offered in the market, is that it may take months or even years to build and secure stable results. But Simplifai’s solutions can be customized and implemented in only a few weeks.

Simplifai’s off-the-shelf AI-solutions can be assembled with just a few clicks and require no coding. Furthermore, the solutions can be easily connected to other systems to automate work processes for any organization.

2. What is an AI-powered Digital Employee?

A Digital Employee is an AI solution that can understand human communication, make decisions, and perform tasks. These tasks may include customer service case management, invoice processing, and many more. Generally, majority of the tasks handled by human today can be automated when the communications aspect is solved. Understanding the task and inquiry is the key aspect.

Digital Employees can understand human communication using Natural Language Processing. They comprise modules which are relevant to the task and process to be performed such as Emailbot, Documentbot, Chatbot and rules engines. The ability to integrate with other systems helps Digital Employee perform tasks that only humans could do in the past.

Our Digital Employees are quick learners, can be trained with a few samples, and get smarter as they continuously learn. Some are even pre-trained based on industry knowledge and competence and are ready to go to work instantly.

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Digital Employees assist human colleagues and can work in different departments like customer support, case handling, IT, and HR. They can handle a large volume of information and cases. After training they can be adapted to any industry. Industries we serve today include Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and the Public Sector to name a few. Our solutions can be easily customized to fit our customers’ needs.

3. Humans and bots working side by side?

Our Digital Employees work alongside human employees in a team. With access to systems and processes they are perceived as team members and one can see them work 24/7 filling in for their human colleagues.

The Digital Employees can read all types of free text such as emails and documents, understand the content, and handle it based on topics. They can forward emails to the right stakeholder to process them further or respond to the sender. They can fetch relevant information, interact with third-party systems and update records. Digital Employees thus free up time and let human employees be more productive and have more meaningful workdays.

4. What about the automation grade?

We have a great track record of achieving a high automation grade, especially while automating large parts of a process. We aim for a 90%+ automation grade for all our Digital Employees creating exceptional value and capacity for any team.

5. What are your growth plans for 2021-22?

We have proven over the past years that our Digital employees can work anywhere in the world and have customers now in the Nordics, Benelux and Asia. Expanding our presence in these key regions is top of the list and then MEA and other parts of Europe is of course next.

We also seek to expand the services our digital employees offer by creating new modules in our platform Simplifai Studio, such as juridical case settlement and expanded AI based decision engines.

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