What is the ideal amount to start investing in a mutual fund?

Mutual Fund

Mutual FundMutual funds are like a bunch of investment options and a single mutual fund can hold hundreds of stocks and bonds, you can gain profit from. For this and for so many reasons, mutual funds are the best way to start investing your money and earning profit with due diligence.

If you really are interested in investing and talking about mutual funds, then the more exciting part would be to start with a specified amount which is considered to be ideal. But before that, you need to understand what mutual funds actually are.

What is Mutual Fund and How it works?

It is a pool of investor with common investment goals where you can invest the money in multiple assets and bonds of a scheme. An asset management company then invest on your behalf and you may or may not get profit from the same.

There are multiple aspects that affect mutual fund investments. Here are a few of them:

Asset Amount:

The overall value of a mutual fund is based on the cost per unit, which is identified as the nett asset value. This NAV helps you recognize how a particular mutual fund, you are interested in is performing. Always remember that the market value of bonds fluctuates every day. Therefore, the NAV of a plan also changes change eventually.

AUM or Asset Under Management:

The asset mutual fund buys from the investor is usually has stocks, bonds, and other securities. The full amount of all the assets is called assets under management (AUM).


Fund supervisors accomplish deals on the biggest and most cost-effective scale. These supervisors are full-time, investment professionals who monitor the organizations in which the mutual funds they have invested.

Your Objective:

Why do you want to invest in mutual funds? The answer could be anything to increase wealth, collect money, or simply to protect capital from inflation. Furthermore, every mutual fund tries to achieve on behalf of investors.

Now that you know what are the major factors that affect the mutual fund investments, you can think of start investing in any type of mutual fund among all. What makes it overwhelming is to decide the amount, which should be invested to get as much profit as a beginner can.

Many people start with a little amount as they are not aware of the results and maybe they are just looking to try their luck. Whatever may be the reasons, there cannot be a definite or specific amount which is considered to be an ideal amount you can invest for the first time. It all depends on what is your goal and how much money you have got and many other reasons.

Though there is no fixed amount, there are ways to decide how much you should invest in mutual funds. Here are the major ones :

Identify Your Goals Of Investing: The first step towards your first mutual fund investment is to define what is your purpose to invest. Maybe you want early money or child’s education, retirement or just to invest or else. If you have an idea of what is the goal,  you will have more clarity on how much you really want to invest. This can also help you in further investment and methods of understating the risks.

Consider Risks Related to the Investment: Always remember that mutual funds are subject to market-related risks and plans that offer higher returns come with much higher risks. You are looking for more profit, then your risk-taking ability should be high to digest the consequences if things go wrong. Get an advisor and ask him if the amount, you are planning to invest is right for the scheme or not.

Time: A lot of people don’t know that there is alway from a peak time for investing in mutual funds and with the right way of investing you must know the right time as well. First of all, you should start investing when you are young as there is no such thing called the best time. Secondly, when you start at a lower NAV you have more chances to get more return if everything goes perfectly.

Your Income: Another important factor to decide the investment amount is to analyze your income and see if you are able to invest a huge amount or not. It is better to have balance for all your necessities and then find the right path, where you can start with a small amount. Even if you have a great income, you need to sit back and calculate your earnings so that you do not regret later.

Having a plan for your investments will assist in making the right investment decisions, such as tax considerations,  type of mutual fund, and how much money it will take to get started. Hence, follow the above-mentioned points before you get started with your first mutual fund investment.

Views expressed in the article are the personal opinion of Naval Goel (CEO & Founder of PolicyX.com).

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