Aviva India’s Tech Leadership and Future Vision

Gyanendra Singh

In navigating the evolving landscape of InsurTech, the adaptation to AI, blockchain, and IoT is notable. Aviva’s ongoing pilot project employing AI and location data for health risk scoring, aimed at eliminating the need for medical tests, showcases their forward- thinking approach to technology integration, shared Gyanendra Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Aviva India in an exclusive interaction with Srajan Agarwal of Elets News Network (ENN).

Aviva is known for its commitment to innovation. Can you elaborate on the specific technological innovations and digital strategies that Aviva India is currently implementing under your leadership to enhance customer experiences and streamline internal operations?

At Aviva, our commitment to innovation is reflected in the consolidation of web, mobile, and API-based insurance product distribution. We have introduced a paperless insurance buying journey, leveraging public digital infrastructure, computer vision, and generative AI. Our streamlined five- click journey, coupled with eKYC, CKYC, Account Aggregation, and the Insurance Information Bureau, not only simplifies the process but also ensures the swift and secure acquisition of relevant customer information.

Incorporating computer vision and generative AI in pre-issuance video verification underscores our dedication to eliminating mis-selling and ensuring that our customers comprehend the intricacies of their purchased insurance.

Furthermore, we utilise Gen AI to analyse calls for quality assessment in customer service and sales. Ongoing experiments in using Gen AI for training purposes showcase our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our exploration of AI-based kiosks and apps for fostering positive behavioral changes aligns with our holistic approach, addressing the five pillars of wellness – physical fitness, nutritional fitness, preventive checkups, mental wellness, and financial wellness.

The development of a dedicated platform for sachet life insurance not only aligns with governmental initiatives but also exemplifies our commitment to making life insurance accessible to a broader audience.

In the rapidly evolving InsurTech space, how is Aviva India adapting to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT to stay ahead of the curve? Are there any specific projects or initiatives that highlight the integration of these technologies within the organisation?

In navigating the evolving landscape of InsurTech, our adaptation to AI, blockchain, and IoT is notable. Our ongoing pilot project employing AI and location data for health risk scoring, aimed at eliminating the need for medical tests, showcases our forward- thinking approach to technology integration. We believe that these technologies help us leverage pre-existing publicly available data for making business decisions and provide a more seamless experience to the customer.

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly a critical aspect of your role. How does Aviva India approach cybersecurity, and what measures have been implemented to safeguard customer data and ensure the resilience of the company’s digital infrastructure against evolving cyber threats?

Recognising the critical importance of cybersecurity, our implementation of a zero-trust-based security architecture, coupled with cutting-edge info-security tools, reflects our proactive stance. Our focus on regular vulnerability assessments, tech debt assessments, and continuous employee training underscores our commitment to safeguarding customer data and ensuring the resilience of our digital infrastructure against evolving cyber threats.

The ongoing digital transformation is rapidly reshaping traditional business models. How has Aviva India embraced digital transformation, and what challenges and opportunities have emerged during this journey?

Aviva India’s two-speed architecture strategy, allowing core applications and enterprise systems to evolve at a different pace than front-end digital systems, demonstrates a thoughtful approach to digital transformation. The integration of API-based connectivity between these systems, leading to near real-time information flow, is a testament to Aviva’s commitment to staying agile in the dynamic digital landscape. For example,
chatbots replicate the behavior of a human representative while ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of an advanced machine system. Our state-of-the-art CRM system is fully integrated with a customer portal, mobile application, website, IVR, and cloud telephony. This has helped us gain a unified view of the customer’s journey with us.

Could you share your vision for leveraging technology to transform the insurance landscape in the country? What key technological advancements do you foresee playing a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future in the coming years?

Our vision for leveraging technology to transform the insurance landscape in the country is compelling. Our experimentation with AI and digital technologies to shift the industry towards a product and technology- driven model, as exemplified by the digital kiosk initiative, reflects our innovative and customer-centric approach. AI is essential to achieving the required efficiency and scale. AI aids in data-based decisions, task automation, and customer interactions through bots. We want to automate mundane tasks to benefit both employees and customers. We will soon pilot visual AI for underwriting assessments. We’re excited to experiment using visual AI for health predictions compared to conventional medical tests.

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