Digital has the power to define success: Amol Pande, e-Zest

Digital has become the backbone for enterprise operations. Today, the digital index and response of the enterprise have the power to define the success in the marketplace, says Amol Pande, Founder, e-Zest, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

 Tell us about e-Zest. Why do you run by the tagline-Digital at heart?

e-Zest is a digital-first and digital by default company. Customer centricity is fundamental to e-Zest to deliver digital transformation from idea to execution. e-Zest works towards creating customised solutions. We offer software development and consulting services for cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and analytics, AI/ML, user experience and digital commerce.

 e-Zest has nearly two decades of experience of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to its broad range of customers from diverse sectors like financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, retail, e-learning and travel industries.

We have noticed that the industries are becoming more and more dependent on technology for improving their productivity and user experience. Digital has become the backbone for enterprise operations. The digital index and response of the enterprise would define its success in the marketplace.

Digital is the core of your services. What key challenges do you face in imparting your solutions and what opportunities do you see ahead?

For a digital solution to be effective, availability of data and its seamless flow across functions. Implementation of a digital solution in just one area without integrating it with other functions of the organisation is not going to fetch the desired results.

Many organisations have their digital initiative budgets limited to a specific function or department. The challenge of achieving desired goals without having access to data from other functions and departments is the most prominent.

Once enterprises understand that for becoming successful in terms of digital initiatives, they would need to look at the organisation as a whole and all sets of operations as a unit, they will have a broader perspective at looking at their digital initiatives.

This also means they will want to upgrade the existing processes, bring in newer technologies and rethink their whole operations from the digital perspective. This would open up various avenues for a digital partner like us.

Your firm builds scalable enterprise digital commerce for pharma companies. How is it revolutionising the pharma industry?

The approach to digital commerce in the pharma industry needs to consider the heavy regulations and compliance the industry is exposed to. Along with that, the commerce platform has to take extra care as it handles financial transaction data and patient information; both of them are very sensitive pieces of information.

Our digital commerce solution for pharma takes care of all compliances and regulations and provides additional information to a marketer which was not possible earlier. Marketers can now exactly know the ETA of medicines to the distribution centres, prescriptions and refill schedules of the patients, insurance coverages and credit card details for quick transactions etc. Integrated digital commerce brings in a hassle-free experience of buying medicines to patients with complete transparency.

Would you like to shed some light on your product Integrated CRM for Insurance Providers’ and Applicants’ Marketplace? How does it work?

The marketplace was built to insurance providers to sell the policies nationwide taking care of finer nuances of the industry such as regulations and compliances. The buyers would compare and choose the right policy for themselves.

Every insurance provider was having its own CRM and the marketplace needed to push the customer data to the provider’s CRM seamlessly without compromising the data privacy and other compliances. In addition to that, the marketplace provided electronic application manager and quoting tool to insurance agents helping them build their sales using it. Today the insurance providers have thousands of agents who use the marketplace for their customers and lead management.

What plans do you have for 2020?

In 2020, we want to strengthen our data engineering offering for fintech and healthtech industry. Both these industry have a lot to gain from data-related technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, blockchain etc.

We are building technology competency and solution accelerators that would help our customers achieve faster time to market. We have started investing in various territories having a direct presence to establish direct contact with our prospects and explain them the leverage they can have using our high-quality service offerings.


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