How to claim the compensation for lost, delayed or damaged luggage?

Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceSmriti, who was travelling abroad to create some beautiful memories with her husband is now stuck with a loss. Instead of enjoying her vacation, she has to deal with the loss of luggage. She did get her luggage back but it was completely damaged due to mishandling. The real shock came when she could not find a proper and easyway to claim the compensation for her lost, delayed and damaged luggage. What will she do now? How will she get the reimbursement for the loss?

Imagine yourself in such a situation which is a total turn off and ruins the entire holiday spirit. Planning for an amazing vacation for a long time and on arriving the destination you come to know that your luggage has been misplaced? It will surely make you run into a frenzy. Along with the luggage, the loss of important documents and many other valuable things can completely spoil the fun of the whole trip.

Loss of luggage or delayed luggage is not a new thing, it usually happens on a daily basis with airlines. In such scenario, all you need is an effective Travel Insurance Policy.

With the help of an adequate travel insurance policy, you can keep things under your control and will be compensated for the loss incurred during the trip. Usually, experts in the industry suggest investing in international travel insurance plan as it will benefit from temporary/permanent luggage loss and damage. Apart from this, under the same, you also have the advantage of ensuring your documents such as passport just in case things go awry.

How your Travel Insurance can save you?

Normally, the permanently misplaced luggage will be liable to get coverage under baggage travel insurance. As per the same, you will be able to get the reimbursed amount as stated in the policy’s documents. It comprises the value of the lost /damaged luggage in addition to your belongings inside.

Temporary loss of luggage is also liable to get coverage under travel insurance baggage delay coverage. Under the same, you will get the reimbursed for the purchases that you made till your luggage arrives.

If you are a frequent traveller than you must have noticed that many airlines have strict limits over what they pay in case of lost luggage or damage. Sometimes they take weeks, months to deliver your luggage. In such scenario, the insurer also takes time for the reimbursement process. Apart from this, many embassies will ask you to apply for international travel insurance plans before flying to another country as it is common for most flyers to experience such issues.

How to claim travel insurance?

In case of loss of baggage, you need to collect:

  • Claim form along with the copies of boarding pass/baggage tags/tickets, a copy of the correspondence with airline authorities, PIR report (can be obtained from the Airline authorities), and details of the compensation that you received from Airlines/other authorities.
  • Once you are done with the airline’s formalities about the loss and filing complaint, you should get a claim form and attach the same with the necessary documents. Later on share the same with the insurance provider.

In case your baggage is delayed, you must submit:

  • Claim form
  • Copy of boarding pass/baggage tags/tickets
  • Copy of the correspondence with the airline authorities verifying the delay
  • PIR report
  • Original invoices pertaining to expenses incurred during the delay period
  • Details of the compensation that you got from airlines/other authorities.

With the above-stated benefits and claim process, now you must be aware of the fact that travel insurance not only offers financial assurance against the expenses incurred during the trip but also provides peace of mind while travelling. If you are in search of an effective travel insurance plan that can go well with your needs, then you must take help of an online insurance web aggregator for the same.It will help you in getting free quotes from top insurance companies in India like which provide different features and provide instant claim settlement. So, make sure that you are investing in a good travel insurance plan to cover your trip.

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