SBI owns the world’s eighth-biggest online banking site

state bank of india logo

The State Bank of India, or SBI, has become the world’s eighth biggest online banking site, with the bank’s website,, getting 846.6 million average monthly visit last year, says a new study.

Thousands of online banking sites across the world were taken into consideration for analysis and comparison of combined mobile and desktop page visits over last one year by a respected digital market intelligence firm.

Half of the total traffic on SBI online banking URL was found to be from referrals from other sites and the rest half is distributed to direct visits (23.3%), online searches (21.92%), visits by email (3.31%) and the rest 1.19% from social media. However, the global online banking industry receives majority of its traffic from direct visits to its url.

Online payment system PayPal topped the chart of the world’s most popular online banking and finance sites with an average of 6.1 billion monthly visits worldwide, both form mobile and desktop combined together, which is almost three times as many visits as its nearest competitor which is placed at number two with 2.2 billion registered monthly visits. With 2 billion visits, the Bank of America is at third place.

Six out of ten most popular global banking and finance sites were of U.S. companies including Well Fargo, at number four, Yahoo Finance (number seven) and Capital One, at 10th place.



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