TRAI all set to roll Nationwide WiFi Hotspot Network

Telecom regulatory body of India (TRAI) is all set launch Nationwide WiFi Hotspot Network and it has invited businesses both small and big to become part of Pilot of what it calls PDO (Public Data Office), Network.

PDOs are essentially WiFi hotspots, but these will be part of a wider network that will take care of authentication and payment. This will allow the users to make single payment and authentication to use a network of WiFi hotspots.

For processing the service, the telecom regulator has devised a framework under which these PDOs will operate, it is called WiFi Access Network Interface (WANI).

This interface will further allow the business to easily setup public WiFi hotspots without being worried about setting up payment and authentication systems and allow users one click payment and authentication and usage of one or more hotspot in a single session.

TRAI wants prices to be available to the customers in small sachet of Rs 2 to Rs 20 per session.The regulator also wants the Public Wi-Fi Hotspots to store community interest data locally, and allow access to it through at negligible costs.

“This Pilot aims to demonstrate that un-bundling of services reduces rework, speeds up development and hence is the most effective way to tackle this complex problem,” said TRAI.

“PDOs will be akin to the PCOs that connected all of India, even when tele-density was less than 7 telephones per 100 people. It is also suggested that the Public Wi-Fi Hotspots store community interest data locally, and allow access to it through negligible costs. Overall, these suggestions encourage the PDOs to become bustling centers of economic activity, where consumption of data for the average Indian becomes as common as consuming a cup of hot chai,” it said.


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