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When employees of Deloitte Amsterdam report for work at The Edge, the office app will review their schedules for the day and automatically assign them a desk or even a quiet room where they can concentrate. Once in the office, they can adjust the temperature and lighting via the app, which also remembers their coffee preferences. This is just one example of what connected Professional Audio Visual and Integrated Experience technologies can achieve.

petronasRead on and discover how InfoComm India exhibitors Crestron and Business Octane have helped their clients to heighten productivity with their innovations.

Integrated Technology Spurs Collaboration in the Workplace

Founded in 1974, Petroliam Nasional Berhad, or PETRONAS, is a Malaysian oil and gas multinational company that operates in over 50 countries. A proponent of innovation and strategic research and development, the company requires a technology infrastructure that can facilitate smooth communication and collaboration. As such, it launched the PETRONAS Digital Collaboration Centre, a 22,000-square-foot visualisation and collaboration facility.

At the centre, multidisciplinary technical teams can come together and discuss complex challenges and make real-time decisions for the company’s Exploration and Production operations. In the early days of operation, however, the centre faced numerous issues:

  • Recurring interface issues during high facility usage, which led to frequent system restarts
  • The downtime meant that meetings could not take place as scheduled or spontaneously

To improve the efficiency and reliability of the centre’s system, Crestron was brought in to deploy its suite of intelligent solutions, which integrated multiple operational functions under a single processor, and also introduced extenders and scalers into the IT infrastructure. Crestron was an ideal provider as the company already had prior experience with its CP2E, a compact Ethernet control system and Crestron Fusion, monitoring and scheduling software.

The CP2E was upgraded to the CP3, a compact 3-Series control processor that allows the team to manage and integrate individual technologies for an easier, greener experience. PETRONAS’s existing display matrix was switched to the Crestron DigitalMedia, responsible for managing and distributing digital AV and control signals. Smaller rooms were powered by Crestron DigitalMedia Presentation Systems to make smooth automation and matrix switching a reality.


Thanks to the enhanced infrastructure, the facility has seen a huge decrease in downtime. The benefits of the revamp include:

  • Room utilisation rate now averages 95 per cent
  • A more reliable and easy-to-use interface to automate AV, lighting, video conferencing and mechanical lifter for electric privacy glass
  • Operations for the entire Centre are managed by a lean team

Business Octane’s Ultra-immersive Telepresence Technology Ups the Effectiveness of Business Meetings

Vedanta Group is a globally-diversified natural resource group committed to sustainable development and growth in the areas they operate: copper, zinc, aluminium, iron ore and power. To ensure its over 32,000 employees and offices in four continents were well aligned with its business goals, Vedanta used to organise monthly face-to-face review meetings, a complex operation as it required almost all of its 150 top executives to fly to one location, and put up in hotels for the duration of the meeting.

Wanting to streamline this process, Vendata made the decision to partner with Business Octane to create telepresence rooms. Business Octane’s Ultra-immersive Visual Collaboration Group Telepresence solution makes collaboration easier, allowing participants to maintaineye-to-eye contact, enjoy high-definition video and stereo spatial audio. They canalso read the nuances of the other participants’ body languages. The participants, no matter where they are, will get to access and write on the same whiteboard. The entire solution also comes with AltraAcoustic Interiors. The acoustically-treated walls improve the quality of audio in telepresence meetings and audio teleconferences. There are also motorised table top content displays, enabling all participants to see content crystal clear.

Today, Vedanta has 19 telepresence rooms across India, one in London, one in Zambia and another one in South Africa. Itschairman has these telepresence rooms at his residences in Mumbai, London as well as New York. Interoperability is also possible — the solution lets participants connect to any videoconferencing machine inside a mining plant office or anywhere else in the world. It also enables employees at Vedanta to conduct meetings with vendors, customers and consultants, even if they are not equipped with a telepresence facility.


Looking for cutting-edge technologies? This September at InfoComm India 2018, over 200 exhibitors from 20 countries will showcase their latest innovations. Industry bellwethers such as Aero, Crestron India, Delta, Harman, Kramer Electronics & Panasonic India will be here. Discover a wide array of Pro-AV and Integrated Experience solutions such as room scheduling, interactive digital boards, presentation room controls, enterprise automation technologies and more.


How Advanced Technologies will Transform the World We Live in InfoComm India 2018 Summit is the show’s learning platform. This year, there are over 53 free-to-attend educational sessions across AVIXA Seminars, Industry and Technology Forums, AVIXA FlashTracks, and Platinum Partners’ Presentations. Experts will be here to share their hard-earned insights.

Express Computer will lend muscle to the Enterprise IT & CXO Forum. This is a jam-packed three-hour session covering a wide range of topics, from digitisation best practices to cybersecurity in a hyperconnected world and an introduction on emerging technologies. It will take a close look at security management as well as the need to chart digital roadmaps, especially with the proliferation of AI, blockchain and IoT.

In “Information Technology: A Catalyst for India’s Healthcare Sector”, the Computer Society of India will cover how cloud, AI and machine learning are increasingly being tapped by the Indian healthcare ecosystem. With the power of the cloud, doctors are sharing high-resolution 3D imagery and can consult partners locally and abroad in real time, hence improving pre-planning and success of the overall procedure. AI is giving better insights to clinicians in early detection of diseases by capturing and analysing various vitals of patients, predicting prognosis and future action plan for patients. Be here to understand how these emerging technologies will impact healthcare.

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