Organise, pre-plan, and set micro-tasks to make WFH productive: Ali Hosseini, CEO, SenRa

Ali Hosseini
Ali Hosseini, CEO, SenRa

The recent outbreak of coronavirus outbreak and the nationwide lockdown has brought several significant changes in the way businesses run and workforce.

Ali Hosseini
Ali Hosseini, CEO, SenRa

In this crucial period when Work From Home is fast becoming a popular option or maybe the only option to maintain the momentum, a production usage of this mode of working is pivotal.

Ali Hosseini, Chief Executive OfficerSenRa, a Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) provider for IoT/M2M applications shares few tips for making work from home a productive task.

“Organizing, pre-planning, and setting micro-tasks with associated timelines can help you and your team stay focused and productive while working from home.  Use of online tools to communicate, track work items, and submit timesheets can help keep everyone honest and provide an easy way to get insight on what others are doing remotely.  In my opinion, the biggest challenge in continuing productivity while working at home will be in sales,” he says.

 “The normal pace of day-to-day sales require meetings (some times face-to-face) and active communication with new accounts and as well as existing accounts. During situations where economies are in strain and there is uncertainty on future revenues, sales personnel may have difficulties in achieve their targets and stay productive,” adds Hosseini.

“Aside from online marketing campaigns and use of social media to reach out to prospective accounts, the best way to keep the sales team engaged and motivated is to provide them training and new skills to improve their abilities. For example, providing resources and guidance on how to research market trends and industry projections will help them gain knowledge on the target markets and in turn improve the way they strategize the approach to the market.  At the end of the day, productivity is only limited by your own creativity and how you define what productivity is.  Try to think outside of the box and plan ahead as best as possible,” he adds.


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