The Road to Digital Lending with New-Age Banking


Digital lending and digital loans are very quickly changing the lending scenario and are a topic of discussion across the banks’ board rooms. The reason why so many banks are interested in digital loans is because of the scale and financial inclusion they can bring along with solving massive operational challenges related to the traditional offline lending models.

But what only a few leading enterprises have realised till now is that the road to digital lending cannot be traversed with existing legacy engines and system architectures. If an enterprise wants to achieve digital enablement of loans in its true sense, they need to think very differently and challenge every legacy system that will hinder their speed and product requirements.

Creating New Digital Lending Architecture                

One of our clients who is also one of the leading Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in the country decided to not use any of their existing legacy systems for their digital lending SBU. They chose to build a new digital lending system with us on an open source stack that gave them the agility to go to a market in a couple of months and the flexibility to create their own product roadmap.

Hence, now their business is governing technology and product roadmap rather than the other way around. They have complete control on the features they want, the partners they want to integrate and the parameters they want to include in their credit model.

With a more flexible digital lending architecture, today they have the capability to configure and launch new loan product to micro-customer segments very quickly in the market.

Customer Experience

Digital lending aims at managing the complete customer’s loan life cycle on a digital interface from sourcing to evaluation to disbursement and servicing. If the enterprise wants this journey to happen in a self-serviced digitally enabled model, it becomes extremely important to take care of customer experience.

The technology architecture of your digital lending platform will play a key role in ensuring the right customer experience can be provided. The speed of the application is one of the key reasons why customers drop off. Another architecture failure is when you realise that your desired UX / UI design cannot be delivered in a certain tech framework

Hence, having the right tech architecture that enables desired customer experiences is of paramount importance to the success of your digital lending strategy. Here, the modern micro-services driven / service oriented architectures are especially useful. They achieve abstraction at every level to ensure the backend or business logic provides no constraints onto the presentation layer or user interface.

Building your own Digital Lending Product

The biggest hurdle we have seen to a successful digital lending initiative is the enterprise mindset to procure software products to fuel their digital lending strategy. The true power of a digital lending platform can be explored when you start getting the flexibility to launch features, products and capabilities based on the business requirement and have least technology constraints to it. Hence it is not possible to build such a kind of a system over an existing software product that by default comes with a limited set of features and is not engineered to handle quick upgrades and enhancements.

Perhaps that is the reason that we have seen some of the most successful digital lending initiatives choosing to build their own product rather than taking a system integration approach.

The concept of digital lending is still fairly new, and the road to achieving the perfect state is still full of unexpected turns. However, what is undeniably true is that to achieve digital success, banks will need to acquire a ‘digital-first’ mindset.

(The writer is Achintya Gupta |Director-Kuliza. Kuliza helps some of the leading financial enterprises in their Digital Lending implementation and digital commerce transformation journeys.)

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