64% enterprises not satisfied with network readiness: Accenture Report

64 percent enterprises are not satisfied with their digital readiness and believe that there is a room for improvement, reveal a new report by Accenture.

Further, 77 percent enterprises have embraced advanced digital technologies, such as IoT/edge computing, 83 percent implemented big data/analytics and digital customer experience (78 percent), only 36 percent are “very satisfied” with their network and believe that currently, it has the capabilities required to support their business needs.

The report titled “Network Readiness Survey, Is your business ready for a connected future based on a global survey of 300 senior IT and business executives from large enterprises shows that less than 40 percent of respondents are “very satisfied” with their overall capability (36 percent) and bandwidth (38 percent).

The report reveals that “misalignment between IT and business needs” is the main hindrance to keeping networks in line with business demands, identified as a top barrier by 48 percent of respondents.

The second and third most commonly reported roadblocks were “inherent complexities between business requirements and operational needs” (45 percent) and “demands for bandwidth, performance, etc., outpacing the ability to deliver” (45 percent).

“Business demands have outpaced the ability of IT to deliver services. Our research shows that organizations have more work to do to ensure that network limitation does not prevent them from meeting their current and future business goals. IT and business leaders need to collaborate more when making decisions about the network,” said Prasad Sankaran, senior managing director and global lead of Intelligent Cloud & Infrastructure at Accenture.

“Our clients must be ready for the future amidst escalating costs, legacy infrastructure and compliance requirements. Supporting new digital services with existing networks requires a clear strategy for increasing capacity, deploying new technologies, and efficient network management. It’s about having a comprehensive device to cloud infrastructure plan for innovation,” Sankaran added.

The report was developed in partnership with Cisco Systems on the basis of two recently published white papers entitled “Long Live the Network: The Rise of Network Automation” and “Are You Going Digital without a Net?”


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