Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE)- Digitally Transforming HDFC Bank


HDFC BankHDFC Bank with its focus on implementing Digital Transformation within the organisation looks at key technologies to harness its digital potential and empower employees to amplify the reach of its digital initiatives and dramatically improve customer engagement and increase customer servicing capabilities of the bank.

The bank’s digital transformation has been successfully implemented under the Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) initiative that helped bank adopt best practices in the Digital Space. The purpose of CODE is to equip HDFC Bank employees with skills and resources to build a better solution for our digital customers and build a dedicated organisational structure for carrying all-digital initiative.

We at HDFC Bank believe that the full impact of HDFC Bank’s digital and innovation efforts can be realised only when the digital maturity of over 1 lakh employees is elevated. We not only want to build a commando unit for innovation but also invest in organisation wide growth of digital capabilities. To leverage on this, HDFC Bank has taken up a number of initiatives under its CODE program including the Digital Command Centre, a User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) Laboratory, Artificial Intelligence (AI), CODE Hackathons, CODE Knowledge, Social Media Maturity Model, Internal Social Collaboration and Partner Collaboration Solutions.

Digital Command Centre: One of our most promising projects is the Digital Command Centre which is set – up to bring real – time intelligence and help HDFC Bank make informed business decisions. Each of the Command Centre screens is dedicated to providing real – time visualisation and analytics of the buzz around HDFC Bank Brand and its competitors to facilitate understanding of digital chatter.

AI as a service: In addition to this, we have also been viable to devise an entire Artificial Intelligence strategy for the bank. Although, EVA and IRA are the public faces of our software AI and humanoid robot respectively, we are looking forward to deploying a lot more exciting initiatives in the near future.

Social Media Maturity Model:Our efforts under the CODE initiative do not end here. To ensure that HDFC Bank is on the path of continuous improvement and digital empowerment we have set up a Social Media Maturity Model and to top it up we have also built an Internal Social Collaboration platform that can help us in channelising intellectual input garnered from productive employees. To enable this, we have undertaken a seminal project to induct social media technology to improve internal efficiencies.

CODE Knowledge: For projects to be executed at this scale, it is essential that the employees have the necessary skill set to implement them effectively. Therefore, one of its first ‘Digital Learning’ platforms for bank employees will be fabricated where employees can get certified across various digital subjects like Search Engine Marketing, UI/UX Design Thinking, Mapping Digital journey, Blockchain etc.

CODE Hackathons and Partner Collaboration Solutions: The industry is competitive and grappling to provide the best of the experience to its customers. In such a scenario, it is necessary to collaborate with the best of the solution providers in the industry. CODE Hackathons is one such initiative where start-ups, individuals and ITES companies compete to solve emerging digital use cases. Another such programme is the partner collaboration solutions wherein HDFC Bank will focus on areas like Industry Academia, Start – Up and Accelerator engagement programs and building innovation centres in collaboration with the Government.

UI / UX Laboratory: All these solutions that will be enabled for HDFC Bank customers require a set of standard processes, approaches and consistency for seamless user experience. To facilitate this, a UI / UX lab will be set up with the objective of accessing UI / UX skills to the entire organisation and ensure that all digital assets are consistent and all teams are utilising the best of breed knowledge while creating digital properties

To conclude, we at are at cusp of a digital revolution. We at HDFC bank, aim to provide customers and empower employees with the best of digital infrastructure.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this article are personal views/opinions of Mr. Rajnish Khare and not official statement and/or communication of any kind from HDFC Bank


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