Innovative Application Consultants: Strengthening NBFC Businesses with State-of-the Art Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

There has been a gradual change in the business paradigm in India over the last two decades. With their immense contribution to the economy, non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) have emerged as an alternative to mainstream banking. NBFCs have contributed to infrastructure, transportation, employment generation and wealth creation and have kept pace with the rapid technological changes and the market environment. They have been successful in filling the gap in credit availability, fueling the growth of entrepreneurial ventures in various parts of the country.

As a critical part of India’s financial system, NBFCs have been driving credit inclusion among individuals and enterprises by improving access and bridging pricing inefficiency through innovative product solutions and delivery models. Despite the exponential growth, there have been quite a few temporary hiccups in their progression. Though the hiccups seemed inconsequential in the beginning, as time went by, the little operational inefficiencies started to turn into ignoramus problems that are causing setbacks in their roadway to success.

This is where Delhi based Innovative Application Consultants an emerging strong player in providing ERP services in the midmarket segment comes into the picture. Innovative Application Consultants and Microsoft Dynamics together provide state-of-the-art futuristic ERP software that streamlines businesses by providing economic efficiencies and productivity improvements. The company has customised this comprehensive solution that comprises numerous business processes such as Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Solutions, Project Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Customer Relationship Management, NBFC’s, Micro Finance Companies, Portfolio Managers, Trade Order Management and much more…

Efficient Management & Accounting of NBFC Business

 ERP is often classified as an off the shelf accounting package whereas the fact remains that ERP is an integrated framework that addresses most of the organization’s business functions. IAPPC powerful and accurate Microsoft Dynamics ERP Accounting Module offers intelligent accounting to reduce human-errors. The software provides Finance & Accounts, MIS Reports – customized graphical reports on several modules for better data-driven decision making and to enhance the profitability of the client’s business. This solution has been deployed by multinational businesses worldwide.

Improved Operational efficiency due to Seamless integrated Solution

 Innovative Microsoft Dynamics ERP acts as a comprehensive and seamless integrated software solution that empowers an NBFC to identify & optimize their operational risks, reduce manual intervention to strengthen their workflow & reduce discrepancies thus improving the overall operational efficiency.

The flexible and scalable Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution features a wide range of functions and is easily integrated with the current systems like Uploading of vouchers, Revenue, sales, Expenses, Purchase, Payroll data through excel.

With decades of experience in the manufacturing and Finance industry, software sector, and consulting, the IAPPC management team is able to support customers in every aspect of business development, be it process optimization or innovative digitalization projects. The company’s customers are from various verticals such as NBFCs, Microfinance, Portfolio Management, custodial & stock market, mechanical and plant engineering, electronics and high tech, metalworking, plastics wholesale, automotive and supply industries.

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