Bank holidays in March 2020: Details Inside

Bank holidays

If you are planning your bank visit in the month of March this year, keep the bank holiday list handy. Due to several festivals in the month, your plan may get halted.

Bank holidays

Planning a bank visit keeping the bank holidays in mind will let you plan the month and ensure your financial activities on time. For your convenience, we have prepared a chart of state-specific bank holidays for March 2020. In addition to the listed festivals, the second and fourth Saturdays will be holidays for the banks as per the Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines.

Bank Holidays in March 2020:

Date Day Holiday Description Applicable in states
1 March 2020 Sunday Sunday holiday All states
5 March 2020 Thursday Panchayati Raj Diwas Odisha
6 March 2020 Friday Chapchar Kut Mizoram
8 March 2020 Sunday Sunday Holiday All States
9 March 2020 Monday Hazrat Ali’s birthday Uttar Pradesh
10 March 2020 Tuesday Doljatra Odisha, West Bengal, Tripura and Assam
10 March 2020 Tuesday Holi Second day of Yaosang Holi in many states and second day of Yaosang in Manipur
14 March 2020 Saturday Second Saturday All states
15 March 2020 Sunday Sunday Holiday All States
22 March 2020 Sunday Sunday Holiday All States
23 March 2020 Monday Bhagat Singh Martyrdom Day Haryana
25 March 2020 Wednesday Ugadi/Gudi Padwa/Sajibu Nongmapanba/Beginning of Navratra Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra PradeshGudi Padwa in MaharashtraSajibu Nongmapanba in ManipurBeginning of Navratra in Jammu and Kashmir
26 March 2020 Thursday Cheti Chand Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand
27 March 2020 Friday Sarhul Jharkhand
28 March 2020 Saturday Second Saturday All States
29 March 2020 Sunday Sunday holiday All States

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