Gold Loan NBFCs provide much-needed respite to MSMEs facing funding challenges for growth

Sumit Sharma

In a rapidly evolving economic landscape, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have long been the backbone of economies worldwide, driving innovation, generating employment, and contributing significantly to GDPs. However, these enterprises often face significant hurdles when it comes to securing funds for their expansion and development initiatives. While traditional lending institutions have stringent criteria and lengthy approval processes, MSMEs are now finding relief in an unexpected source: Gold Loan Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).

The MSME sector has encountered numerous obstacles that hinder its growth prospects. The aftermath of the global pandemic has left many businesses grappling with liquidity issues, lower demand, and disrupted supply chains. Moreover, these enterprises often lack the collateral and credit footprint required to access funds through conventional lending channels.

Gold Loan NBFCs specialise in providing loans against the security of gold, providing a good alternative to traditional sources of funding. Unlike traditional loans, gold loans are secured against tangible assets eliminating the need for extensive credit checks and collateral. This makes the process faster and more accessible for businesses in need of immediate funds.

One of the most significant advantages of gold loans for MSMEs is the pace at which funds can be obtained. While conventional banks might take days or weeks to process loan applications, gold loan NBFCs can disburse funds in a matter of hours given the core focus on digitisation. MSMEs that might struggle to meet the demanding eligibility criteria of traditional lenders find gold loans to be more inclusive. These loans are primarily based on the value of the pledged gold, making them accessible to a broader range of businesses, irrespective of their credit history or financial standing. This quick turnaround time is crucial for MSMEs facing urgent financial requirements, such as restocking inventory, managing operational expenses, or seizing growth opportunities.

Furthermore, the repayment process for gold loans is designed to suit the cash flow dynamics of MSMEs. These loans typically have flexible repayment options, allowing businesses to choose a tenure that aligns with revenue cycles. This prevents the strain that fixed monthly repayments can place on small businesses, especially during periods of fluctuating income.

While gold loans have become a vital resource for MSMEs in need of prompt financial assistance, MSMEs should exercise discernment by assessing the jumping interest rates and security provisions offered by different NBFCs providing gold loans. This evaluation takes into account the convenience of accessibility and the minimised level of scrutiny required. Hence, MSMEs must analyse their financial circumstances and conduct a comparison of alternatives before finalising any borrowing decisions.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, gold loans work to turn an otherwise dormant resource into a productive one. We believe that gold loans are smart, and it is encouraging to see increasing willingness to part with gold ornaments for a period of time, to help with planned expenses, rather than just a recourse for emergency and unplanned expenses.

The partnership between MSMEs and gold loan NBFCs underscores the adaptability and innovation required in the financial sector to support the growth of small businesses. NBFCs have proven to be a crucial source of funding, offering timely relief to MSMEs facing hurdles in their quest for growth. As the economic landscape continues to evolve, this symbiotic relationship could play a pivotal role in nurturing the resilience and dynamism of the MSME sector.

Views expressed by Sumit Sharma, Founder- Radian Finserv

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