IoT home devices largest target for Cryptojacking: Fortinet Threat Report

cyber security

cyber_security_analyticsCyber criminals are maximizing their efforts by targeting an expanding attack surface and using iterative approaches to software development facilitating the evolution of their attack methodologies, says a report released by Fortinet.

According to the Global Threat Landscape report, cyber criminals are becoming smarter and faster in leveraging the exploits for their advantage.

The report further reveals that the menace of cryptojacking is getting closer to IoT Devices at home. Home-based IoT devices are gaining a lot of popularity amongst the cyber criminals due to the high source of computational horsepower. Attackers are taking advantage of the horsepower for carrying out malicious activities. Attackers are loading malware that is continually mining because these devices are always on and connected. In addition, the interfaces for these devices are being exploited as modified web browsers, which expands the vulnerabilities and exploit vectors on them. Segmentation will be increasingly important for devices connected to enterprise networks as this trend continues.

As per the report, the critical and high-severity detections demonstrate an alarming trend with 96 percent of firms experiencing at least one severe exploit. Almost no firm is immune to the evolving attack trends of cyber criminals.

In addition, nearly a quarter of companies saw cryptojacking malware, and only six malware variants spread to over 10 percent of all organisations. FortiGuard Labs also found 30 new zero-day vulnerabilities during the quarter.


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