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(L to R):Debashish Chakraborty, Co-founder & CTO; Ramgopal Subramani, COO; Aditya Prasad, Chief Evangelist; V R Govindarajan, Co-founder & CEO and Sabyasachi Goswami, SVP-Head Sales & Strategy

Perfios Software Solutions ( is the leading Product-Technology company in the FinTech space enabling Financial Institutions in real-time decisioning, analysis and credit underwriting.

Headquartered at Bangalore, Perfios endeavors to create a substantial impact in the fintech ecosystem and thus brings to the fore, an expansive product suite for financial and banking services.

Perfios has grown to serve 200+ Financial Institutions which include almost all the Large Banks, Progressive Non-Banking Financial Companies, FinTechs, Insurance Companies, Alternate Lending agencies, AMCs, etc. and have a trusted customer base of more than 50 million people. Perfios provides a varied range of solutions which covers the 360-degree aspect of financial underwriting by providing Bank, Financial, Tax and GST Statement Analysis.

Being a technology driven company, Perfios has developed an extensible data platform that handles both structured and unstructured data – extracting, curating, analysing and providing vertical solutions in the area of real-time credit decisioning and Personal Finance management (PFM), leveraging some of the latest Machine Learning and AI techniques and algorithms. Perfios Insights solution, a B2B solution is a real-time aggregation and analytics tool for Financial Institutions, Banks, NBFCs and new age FinTech lenders to automate and digitise the entire process of customer onboarding (Underwriting). It provides an edge over the manual system of FIs and some intangible benefits to the internal & external stakeholders by

  • Cutting down the TAT for processing an application (loans, insurance, etc.)
  • Lowering costs
  • Providing higher accuracy
  • Enhancing the user experience thus resulting in increased customer acquisition
  • Facilitating Strategic Goals
  • Providing better utilisation of resources

It helps Financial Institutions get an indepth analysis of data in real-time and thus aids them in well-informed decision making. The solution also provides some tangible benefits by

  • Providing analysis in real-time, accurate information on customer’s financial worthiness
  • Eliminating later-stage expensive verifications
  • Verifying the ‘Capacity to Pay’
  • Identifying relevant recurring income/expense transactions

Providing completely customisable output report listing out required information (average balance, recurring income/expense, debt-toincome ratio, bounced cheques, bank charges, overdrafts, late payments, penalty etc.) An integral part of the Insights solution is the analysis of various financial documents including

  • Balance Sheets
  • P&L
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Schedules, etc.

The synthesised report consists of all possible ratios and formulae necessary for calculating the finances of the prospects.

This solution also provides the option of fetching data directly from the MCA portal and giving out an analysed report. It makes the entire customer journey seamless and hasslefree. The reports generated by Perfios is completely customisable. Perfios’ tax statement analyser fetches tax documents of customers which includes Form 26AS, ITR V & ITR forms for employment verification of salaried and professional customer type & income verification of all customer types required as part of credit assessment & decisioning. Perfios has the capability to build the final CAM (Credit Assessment Memo) sheet, by fetching and analyzing data from the ITR forms which is made available real-time, thus empowering the banks/financial institutions to make decisions on the fly.

 Our GSTN solution helps Banks & Financial Institution to analyse Goods Services and Tax Network (GSTN) data of the Goods Services and Tax (GST) Taxpayer by providing the information as desired by the lender for instant decisioning, approval and disbursement of loans.

The FCU checks the authenticity of a bank document to figure out if there has been tampering or if there are any behavioral triggers which can help the lender in assessing the risk associated with it. In addition to providing core analysis of various data such as bank statements, financial statements and tax statements, Perfios has created a new category of solutions that triangulate data across various data sources – banking, financials, Income Tax Return, Goods Services and Tax etc. and in the process establishing a single source of truth about a borrower and identifying frauds, if any.

 In addition to enabling customer on-boarding for lenders, the platform also provides a powerful suite of PFM solutions that enables a variety of deep analytics that can be leveraged by various FIs in getting more insights about their customers that let them offer more relevant recommendations to their customers and in the process increase their revenue.

As a category creator and a pioneer in the credit decisioning and PFM space, Perfios is an established leader in its chosen area of focus and is the trusted partner for most Financial Institutions. As a result of constant innovation and creation of a new category of solutions, we have been recognised by both peer groups and media many times over.

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