Refrain from Social Media for productive Work from Home: Sunil Sharma, HawksCode

Sunil Sharma

Whenever we think about work from home, it gives happy feelings because we can spend more time with family. We can save a lot of time, we can do work sitting anywhere at home. We can do sometimes do two tasks simultaneously.

Sunil Sharma

But work from home brings responsibilities also. As an entrepreneur, I face some drawbacks also, sometimes it is difficult to manage everything.

The employee should be more productive when they are working from home because they are saving a lot of time.

I and my entire HawksCode team is also working from home for now as the whole world is fighting with Coronavirus. HawksCode entire team is working from home and maintaining all partners, clients worldwide during this lockdown time.

I feel that my team is more productive in these difficult days.

I want to share my experience and useful tips for everyone who wants to increase their productivity while working from home.

Here are 6 tips to make work from home a productive task

 1.   Convert a room into an office at home

It is very important to convert a room or any space like store-room into an office. You cannot create much productivity if you are not working a proper place at home. You should have a proper workspace at home also. 

You can prepare your working space inspiring for yourself. In your working room, there should not useless items like furniture or magazines?

2.   Minimize Distractions

If you want to increase your work from home productivity you should lower the things which can distract you. For example, you should keep away from social media. Social media is one of the biggest time-consuming for young employees. If you are working from home you can listen to music, it can refresh you and will increase your energy but should not use mobile phones. I do not use a smartphone while working.

3.   Use Morning Energy

If you are working from home to increase productivity you should start early in the morning. In the morning you have more energy comparing to the afternoon. I always start my work early in the morning. I start my work by checking and responding to all the emails and respond to them. As a CEO of MNC (HawksCode) I have to respond to all clients from all over the world.

Early morning you will have positive vibes and freshness so that is the best times to start any work.


4.   Keep Motivate Yourself

When you are working from home you are actually your own boss. There is no one who can watch you all the time. It is on you that how you can you keep you in the discipline. It is your own duty to make yourself motivated to do more work.

5.   Schedule your task

I t is very important to schedule your all task. I usually schedule my all task and them at a fixed time. I usually utilize my afternoon time to call employees. In the morning time do the most important task.  In the evening, I try to report from each employee.

6.   Spend Money on Recourses

When you are working from home you should have a good quality internet. You should have an efficiently working computer or laptop. If you don’t have high-speed internet and quality system it will decrease your productivity towards your company.

We are at HawksCode implementing these tips while working from home. Even we increased our productivity, last week we added many Banking and Finance online courses on our (EasyShiksha) e-learning platform. With these courses EasyShiksha helping students and giving a chance to utilize their lockdown time.

 Views expressed in this article are the personal opinion of Sunil Sharma, CEO of EasyShiksha and HawksCode  

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