ICICI Lombard introduces ‘RIA’, intelligent virtual assistant 

ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard, India’s leading private general insurance company, on the occasion of Women’s Day has introduced RIA (Responsive Intelligent Assistant), an NLP-enabled chatbot that will help upgrade the end user experience. The chatbot comes in a human-like avatar that enables conversation with customers in English, and will soon be able to do so in Hindi as well. RIA uses cutting-edge technology to process natural language as an input and comes equipped with an intent-mining module that will help provide a great conversational experience to customers. Serving as the face of ICICI Lombard, RIA will help resolve customer queries through multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, and the official website. RIA is a good listener and a quick problem solver. She embodies a smart woman who is a mix of soft and powerful and knows how to live a well-balanced life.

RIA can perceive the context of a conversation even when there is minimum input from the customers. Once she perceives the context, RIA will activate menus that are most closely related to the inputs. RIA is extremely prompt and can communicate with clients, comprehend their expectations, process their requests, and provide the best possible solution to their queries all within a few seconds. Additionally, she can also educate and help customers with motor vehicle claims, e-copies of policy documents, policy renewals, modification/updation of policy information and any other relevant services. The chatbot uses conversational AI to overcome the conventional rigid flow of automated conversations, and is able to deliver a naturallyflowing conversation that is indistinguishable from human interaction.

Speaking at the launch, Girish Nayak, Chief – Service, Operations and Technology, ICICI Lombard, said, “Conversational AI when supported by NLP, bridges the divide between the monotony of automation and the personal attention associated with human connection. Our effort is to turn this technology into a source of ease and efficiency for our customers. Our chatbot, RIA, has evolved to the point where she can “understand” our language and behaviors, comprehend customers’ query aptly, and take appropriate action based on all relevant information. RIA is backed by the same technology across all of our service platforms, thereby guaranteeing a seamless consumer experience. RIA constantly trains herself on every customer interaction and also captures customer feedback for helping her improve continuously”.

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RIA is intended to alleviate customer concerns, provide more effective and convenient service than ever before, and provide a broader set of customer assistance solutions by leveraging technology.

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