LeadSquared–Generating Higher Sales with Customer Insights and AI


LeadSquared is a sales execution platform used and loved by several new-age financial institutions, including Aditya Birla Finance Ltd, AuxiloFinserve Pvt Ltd, Incred, DHFL- Avanse Financial Services, IndiaLends, Harley Davidson Financial Services, Profectus Capital, Qbera and many more.

LeadSquaredIt uses predictive customer insights and Artificial Intelligence to generate higher sales and much higher efficiency from all your teams and channels, including digital sales, call center sales and feet-on-street teams.

Higher Return from Digital Sales Channels

NBFCs generate leads from a plethora of channels, digital being a very important one. LeadSquared allows them to not only capture these leads from all possible sources but also uses intelligent screening and quality scoring to identify the leads who are a) more likely to become customers and b) have the capacity to make repayments. Automated activity tracking on all possible touchpoints, and signals from 3rd party data points, like LOS, CIBIL, Perfios etc. makes this happen.

You can also automatically nurture leads with advanced targeting and communication workflows. Make sure that your messaging is omnichannel, relevant, timely and personalised, thereby driving higher digital sales.

Better Call Center Productivity

Call center efficiency depends on the calling just the right leads – LeadSquared helps your teams do that. Dynamically route leads to your call center teams, real-time, based on any criteria of your choosing. Time is of the essence in call center sales; LeadSquared ensures that you are on the right side of time.

Offer Generation Engine for New and Repeat Sales

Signals from 3rd party data points and lead activity tracking also allow you to generate just the right offers, both for new sales and cross-sales. You can automatically send these offers to the customers and notify your teams about the same. For instance, a home loan customer with an excellent credit score and good repayment history can be automatically qualified for a credit card. Intelligent Selling = Higher Customer Lifetime Value.

Higher Realisation from Your Feet on Street Teams

Prioritise relevant leads through advanced customer intelligence even when you are on-the-go. Enterprise Mobility Suite uses activity tracking, location intelligence and current customer portfolio, to make your feet-on-street team more productive. The inbuilt geo-mapping feature helps LeadSquared recommend the hottest leads in a pin code and discourages meeting misrepresentations. The result – more qualified meetings per day, and a highly efficient feet-on-street team. All your field teams, including sales, verification, collections and independent agents can use LeadSquared to meet and exceed their goals.

Interested in taking a personalised demo? Connect with us: ali@leadsquared.com, +91-9663636731. You can also request a demo here: https://pages.leadsquared.com/loan-crm-demo

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