Network, ERP, Business Process Automation to lead future of BFSI: Maheep Sharma, Nesecure networks

Maheep Sharma

As the rush for adopting AI and Machine learning gathers pace, organisations need to re-haul their processes and standardise their policies which are the stepping stones to ultimate achievement of AI and ML. At Nesecure networks, we believe that 2020 will be the year of structured automation says Maheep SharmaHead-Asia Pacific, Nesecure networks.

Maheep Sharma
Maheep Sharma, Nesecure networks
  1. Give us an overview of your products and services.

Nesecure networks has redefined the way people connect their traditional WAN networks through our last mile mitigation solution since last 7 years.

Ne-WAN (Managed SD-WAN) is our flagship solution which is a proven cost affordable solution for better control, enhanced visibility and security of WAN network. Networks are complex to manage and security becomes a major challenge for any IT team.

We help simplify network management through various pay per use models and opex models to ensure flexibility of price to value ratio. We bring in network automation and network segregation through Ne-WAN features of central management and ZTP. Our other offerings include last-mile managed services and managed SOC services.

  1. Financial Institutions in India are increasingly digitising their IT services. How can you help in ensuring security pertaining to that? 

The need of hour for financial institutions is to adapt digitisation for improving services to end customers as well as enhancing business intelligence.

While this holds true, digitisation will also offer easy door for security attacks, wherein our flagship product Ne-WAN enables pro-active inspecting of outgoing and incoming traffic as well as WAN segmentation. WAN segmentation is important, as it prevents attacks affecting one office from spreading across an entire enterprise. Ne-WAN offers a controller-based network and simplifies WAN segmentation. Ne-WAN allows users to define a policy for the underlying network, then distribute the policy across the branches.

Interestingly, our major clientele is from BFSI segment and we understand their needs better. We help them focus on business and we run their show by maintaining uptimes by deploying redundancy backed secured links.

  1. You offer a wide range of services that are tech-led. In your view, which technology is most likely to lead the city of BFSI in 2020?

As the rush for adopting AI and Machine learning gathers pace, organisations need to re-haul their processes and standardize their policies which are the stepping stones to ultimate achievement of AI and ML. We believe that 2020 will be the year of structured automation.

Network, ERP, Business Process Automation will lead this change in laying the foundation for a swift shift to 2021-23 era of AI and ML.

  1. The recent outbreak of Covid-19 is frequently changing the way we work and live. What growth opportunities do you see in this period? 

Currently, we are not in position to comment on extent of the concluding scale of Covid -19 situation. However, this period is about to be stress inducing on the economy and non-essential segments.

We would definitely witness a shift in buying patterns inclined towards more compact, cost efficient and remote solutions when it comes to our offerings. In network infrastructure, we are bullish that 4G/LTE network capabilities shall be capitalised along-with network automations.

  1. What is your vision for 2029?

Our vision from day one has been “Tech To All”. All our energies are focussed towards honing the latest upgraded technologies and implementing them to all layers of the business pyramid.

We believe technology is everybody’s fundamental right and it should be made available through to all start-ups and enterprises. We constantly and consistently put our efforts towards utilising the existing resources and optimising their output while maintaining a balance by employing “pay per use” and “tailor-made” commercial plans.

2029 is the year when we would expect business infrastructure to be AI based aligned with human capacities. We foresee the deployment of bots in business infrastructure by the end of 2025-26 and by 2029 we would witness the synergies of bots and humans working together as a collective set laying the foundation for the next technology revolution.

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