Huawei to help banks to reshape their IT, says Anas Khalleda, Solution Manager, Huawei

Anas Kalleda

Today the banks are making transformation from a pure financial company to financial technology firms. Banks today are more focused on comprehensive customer experience and next- generation payment  systems. We are going to reshape the Information & Technology (IT) for the banks by building a smart architecture system through the high performance opening platforms and finance clouds for the services, says Anas Kalleda, Solution Manager, Huawei.

Anas Kalleda

According to the recent study, 95 percent of the financial services will be based on the big data and the cloud and that is going to run the new profit centers. Huawei has financial big data solutions that makes the smart decisions. So building the Omni-channel for the banking channel which is shifting the focus from the transactions to the customers. So this is how we going to help you to reshape the IT, Khalleda said.

 Huawei has emerged in the magic quadrant of Gartner.

According to the Gartner, all the flash storage are mature enough. All flash storage outperformed the hybrid disc and its reliable and cost effectiveness today has helped to improve the agility. The large capacity assessing speed for the enterprise is helping in the digital transformation journey. All flash data  helps you to reduce overheads in terms of  operational management in terms of reducing the rack space, your cooling and the power consumption which is there in the data center, he said.

So, if you look at the solutions we are providing you could see at the chip level and at the system level we are providing the solutions. The intelligent multi protocol can interface chip and it allows the intelligent solid state controller chip and the base management controller chip, to actually accelerate the access  by 20 percent.

Flash ling is the technology which we use in the system level to seamlessly co-ordinate the chips and the software and it increase the performance level by 50 percent with very low latency of five milliseconds

On solutions level we are talking about the hyper metro that enables the storage in two different data centers. Most of you might have created two, one is in the production centre and another is on the disaster recovery sites. So what happens most of the time is that if the production size goes down your disaster recovery site is coming up so here hyper metro enables the storage system in two data centers to process service simultaneously establishing a mutual back up relationship.

Non-volatile memory express ( NVMe) architecture is one of the fastest storage  transformation protocol in the industry which is going to double the right look at the processing efficiency by reducing end-to-end SAS  (previously “Statistical Analysis System”) latency by 45 percent which will help you to improve the storage performance by at least by three times

The financial big data is developed on independent software vendor (ISV) and five different scenarios in the financial services, so the real time anti-fraud can actually be detected. The transaction and fraud transactions can be detected within the seconds so the bank can stop the transactions and inform the customer about the possible fraud detection which is happening. It also uses the log analysis which can predict the system performance on the peak hours and it can also take precautionary steps to reduce the downtime. The kind of large storage which has been provided which will give you the enough storage space for the applications to retrieve the data as and when it is required.

The financial clout, the complete clout solution which we have develop gives the data on demand regardless of the work load, vendor or the locations. The fusion storage is a fully distributed cloud service system featuring massive scale out capability so the on board storage system software consolidates the local hardware, the spaces which is available and provide it as a block object or a file to storage resourceful to the upper layer. This is actually giving a massive storage pool from  the existing hardware or data which you already available.

The full stack financial cloud with has high performance, high scalability and is easy to manage. Built with high performance infrastructure with the self-developed chip set and optimised collaboration between the software and the hardware.

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