Zero-Data Loss Solutions for Peace of Mind

Vinod Ganesan
Vinod Ganesan,
Director Sales-BFSI, Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems is the only company which offers zero-data loss solutions and this is something that it wants to commit to its customers while entering into an agreement. This is one of the advantages on which it has created the base in the country, says Vinod Ganesan, Director Sales-BFSI, Hitachi Data Systems, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN)

How do you describe Hitachi Data Systems’ presence in the Indian market – both in public and private sectors?

We are glad to update you that we have just completed 15 years in this country. Primarily, when we started, we used to partner with Sun Microsystems – one of our key partners. Through Sun Microsystems, we penetrated into diverse sectors namely, tele communication, banking & finance, ITES, etc. After the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, they decided to call off this relationship and we had to rebuild the organisation from scratch and make sure services to our existing customers continued un-interrupted while we seamlessly transition them to Hitachi Data Systems. We were pretty much successful in executing this important transition that laid the foundation of our growth story in India.

The journey has been pretty good for us since then. We have been able to consolidate our position across different sectors – Government, BFSI, ITES and Telecommunications being critical among them. Leveraging on our expert teams, we have been able to create a niche for us. So when a customer thinks about Hitachi Data Systems, he thinks about availability and peace of mind.

All our deployments have been in real mission-critical customer facing environments. The major banks for their customer facing business have relied on Hitachi Data Systems. Our customer base clearly speaks about the reliability that we offer to our clients. In fact, we are the only company on the planet which offer 100% data availability guarantee, which ships along with our product.

Today, we are helping our customers to build the next-generation information architecture which can be seamlessly scaled as and when required.

Which are the other segments of industry that you serve?

HitachiPretty much every industry is covered. Manufacturing Sector – where we have deployed to support their core ERP Systems, ITES –to power their employee facing systems. So in every sector we have our solutions working smoothly, enabling our customers to drive operational efficiencies and highest levels of agility.

What is the USPs of solutions offered from Hitachi?

Traditionally IT infrastructure and investments have been driven by individual project based buying. This has resulted in information Silos .Needless to say, everything is operated at different levels of efficiencies and utilization; some being over-utilized while others being under-utilized depending on the business demands.

You don’t have the ability to leverage something out of the under-performing infrastructure and provision it back to the infrastructure or applications that actually demands more performance. Hitachi’s biggest strength is our ability to virtualize; which is delivered by the storage platform itself and not an afterthought unlike our competitors, who use a separate appliance to deliver similar functionality. The issue with their approach is it shifts the problem from controlling the sprawl of heterogeneous platforms to creating a sprawl of the virtualization layer itself , due to their inability to scale. In band Virtualization is our biggest USP and we remain unbeatable in this area. Further, our systems are being used for years without any failure. Hitachi also takes pride in its ability to address infrastructure related issues. We have been extremely successful in helping our customers solve their infrastructure sprawl challenges.

How you are catering to the BFSI sector?

Bank’s cannot afford to lose transactional data at any cost. So customers started thinking on architectures to protect data even if the Primary site is unavailable. We pioneered the three data centre-based application architecture which is today leveraged practically by every bank. So 9 of top ten banks in this country – including the private sectors use our zero data loss solutions which ensures all the transactions are protected irrespective of the site failure. Besides, with the help our mobility and content management solutions, we help banks preserve the data and offer robust data management strategies.

Will you please talk about the challenges that Hitachi had to face in its initial days? Customers’ tend to get influenced by ISV’s while deploying their applications. Their recommendations for particular system architectures mattered a lot. During our initial days, bringing these ISV’s on board was a challenge. It took a little time to create the awareness, and even today considering the plethora of new solutions being deployed by customers, identifying and keeping pace with these relevant ISV’s to drive tighter integration with our Infrastructure solutions surely poses challenges.

BFSI and telecom sectors are crucial areas for us. Leveraging on our expert teams, we have been able to create a niche for us. When a customer thinks about Hitachi Data Systems, he thinks about availability and peace of mind.

What are your thoughts on Bank’s role in the Digital India initiatives?

The Digital India framework is pretty vast. Government is actually trying to make several things easier for citizens to drive better citizen services. This includes things like efficient collection of direct and indirect taxes, provide efficient infrastructure etc. to improve the standard of living. Public safety, Energy management, Smart payments, smart healthcare services, etc are also part of the agenda. Banks are playing a critical role in these initiatives. They are keen to be the single source for all the payment and collection options being provided in a Smart city to help the government and drive relevance to their end customers.


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