Juspay partners with YES Bank to launch NPCI’s UPI Plug-in SDK

Juspay, Yes Bank

Juspay, India’s largest payments firm, collaborated with YES Bank to introduce HyperUPI, the NPCI plug-in SDK that enables in-app UPI payments in merchant apps. Without becoming an approved UPI app, merchants can now offer easy “1-click UPI experiences” via their Android and iOS apps. Customers will no longer need to rely on another app to complete UPI transactions because these payments may now be completed on the merchant’s app. This plugin SDK is based on one of the most reputable cloud UPI systems in the country, and it supports UPI payments for top UPI merchant and consumer applications.

Traditional UPI payments in merchant applications require many clicks, increasing the likelihood that customers may quit the payment process. The UPI Plug-in SDK, on the other hand, reduces the payment experience to a single click. This optimised method results in a four-fold increase in transaction speed and 90%+ success rates for retailers.

Because of its capacity to support advanced features such as mandates (recurring payments), third-party validation (TPV), and so on, HyperUPI stands apart in the market. Furthermore, it provides merchants with a no-code platform that allows them to develop a fully customised user experience that merges in with the theme and branding of their App. HyperUPI may be readily incorporated into the merchant’s apps using a variety of technical frameworks including as React-Native, Flutter, Cordova, and others.

“We are excited to partner with Juspay to bring the plug-in SDK to market. It stands as a testament to our collective prowess in UPI and digital payments. We aim to offer excellent payment success rates with round the clock availability to merchants and earn a reputation of being one of the finest UPI stacks in the ecosystem. We look forward to extending this solution to our merchants.” said Naveen Chaluvadi, Chief Digital Officer, YES bank.

“We are thrilled to introduce HyperUPI in collaboration with Yes Bank and NPCI, as Indian customers and businesses rapidly embrace UPI as their preferred mode of digital payments” said Sheetal Lalwani, Chief Operating Officer, Juspay.

“As a company, we are committed to building innovative solutions that remove payment friction while maintaining high-security standards. With HyperUPI, we aim to empower businesses to seamlessly integrate UPI into their apps, providing customers an unparalleled payment experience” – he added.

Dilip Jain, Co-Founder, Gullak said – “With HyperUPI Plug-in SDK, customers can complete their UPI payment in less than 5 seconds. The HyperUPI flow has improved our success rates to 92%, as compared to 80% in the UPI intent flow. We are committed to constantly innovating and leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver the most seamless savings experience for the billion Indians. Juspay’s HyperUPI has a simplified integration process; it took us less than a week to finish the integration”

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Juspay has been a part of India’s UPI journey since its inception. It was the first technological player to construct the UPI PSP on cloud, which has a 99.99+% uptime and a TPS of 5000. Juspay conducts more than 50 million transactions each day across its products, resulting in an annual TPV of $500 billion or more. Merchants and customers may now accept secure, smooth, and lightning-fast UPI payments via mobile apps thanks to this unique collaboration between NPCI, Yes Bank, and Juspay.

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